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San Diego, it is quite the tourist destination for families, for couples and groups alike. There are all kinds of things to do in San Diego depending on your style and idea of fun. The weather in San Diego can range from the 50’s and 60’s at night and the 60’s to the 90’s during the day depending on when you go and what the weather is like specifically at that time. San Diego is normally a very temperate southern coastal region and the weather is more often gorgeous than not. That said let’s examine the great things to do in and around the city that involve the great outdoors. There is something to do in San Diego for everyone from the rugged outdoors person to the metro-phile. Since you already know that Sea World and other major attractions reside and operate year round in San Diego let’s look for the places a little less traveled and crowded to enjoy our spring day.

The Carlsbad Flower Fields are quite a sight to see, said to be blooming in March there are lots of colorful acres of blossoms and plants to be strolled through and enjoyed. The Carlsbad Flower Fields are a 50 acre commercial flower farm which specializes in growing the colorful Ranaculus flower in red, orange, yellow, green, and purple. For flower lovers this can be an absolute feast for the eyes.

Renting a bike or Surfboard

If you want to go surfing or for a ride along the beach whether on a solo mission or a bicycle built for two there is Cheap Rentals on Mission Boulevard. They have everything that you need but didn’t bring with you for a day surfing the waves or riding along the beach and just watching them. There are numerous other rental locations for surfboards, boogie boards, tubes, and bikes up and down the coast of San Diego so don’t be discouraged if you arrive too late to rent a board or bike right on Mission Boulevard.

Coronado Island Bicycling

If you would rather go pedaling around Coronado Island you can rent a bike at Bikes and Beyond which is located in the Coronado Ferry Landing. There is a beautiful bike path that runs along the Sand Diego Bay and under the Coronado Bay Bridge. They even offer Surry bikes, if you’ve never ridden one you may really enjoy one of these laid hack cruisin’ bikes.

Hollands Bicycles also serves the Coronado Island area and is located on the corner of tenth and orange. They specialize in high quality rental bikes from Raleigh, Marin, Specialized, and Electra that are intended to make your ride in and around Coronado as enjoyable and easy as possible.

Group Riding

There are group bike rides for Coronado Island bicyclists. One leaves 7AM sharp on Saturday mornings and meets “in the vicinity” of 633 Margarita Avenue in Coronado and welcomes all levels of riders. Also Wednesday evenings beginning at 6:00pm sharp leaving from the back of Holland’s Bicycle Shop at 977 Orange Avenue. They stress that these are non-sponsored group rides that are open to anyone who wants to ride and they ask that you wear a helmet if you are going to join the group on a ride.

Other Riding in and around San Diego

Like the riding idea but want to burn a little less energy doing it? San Diego has ya covered! You could rent a Harley at Sweetwater Harley on Hoover Avenue in National City. You could cruise around the city for its diverse variety of scenery and depending on your interests. You could cruise inland and ride the roads of head up Highway 101 which runs parallel to the sea and has many delightful and awe inspiring views to offer. Cruise to Julian, Alpine, Coronado Island, ride the North San Diego County area or anywhere your heart desires on the back of a sleek and powerful Harley.

You could visit any one of the many stables up down the coast or around town and go horseback riding, with or without a guide. You will have to remain within a specific area or set of trails depending upon the stable that you choose, but you will be able to ride some beautiful coastal areas and wonderful bridal paths.

If none of those things is to your liking maybe you would like to take a Segway tour of San Diego. No sweat, no work, or effort just stand and ride as the coastal air whips through your hair and you are able to take in the San Diego Scenery at a much more sedate pace than you can enjoy on the back of a Harley!


Not everybody comes to San Diego to ride something and San Diego wouldn’t be, well San Diego without all of their colorful and eclectic beaches. At San Onofre State Beach off of the 5 freeway you can go day or overnight camping. There are three separate areas for the various ocean lovers, Lower Trestles, Old Man’s, and Trails. Enjoy the many hiking trails and vistas in and around the bluffs or go swimming or surfing in the waves. You can also go camping, swimming, or surfing at South Carlsbad State Beach, Carlsbad State Beach and several others if those are your yen. There are well over 20 beaches which offer hiking, biking, camping, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, tide pooling, family and fine dining, cruising, and places for you to just loaf and look at the ocean.

Boating and Cruising

Spring is a good season for spending a little time out on the water. There are day cruises, boat tours, island hopping cruises, and dining cruises to be enjoyed up and down the San Diego coast. There are even party and event cruises as well as themed cruises and private boat, houseboat, and yacht rentals. You will have to do a little net surfing to find exactly what you are looking for, but San Diego has boats and cruises of every size and fitting every budget. For couples a dinner cruise can be very romantic and a perfect end to a day of shopping, events, theme parks, or sightseeing. It can get a little chilly on the water at night so ladies would do well to bring a sweater or jacket in the spring months.

There are parades, bike races, film festivals, sailing, hot air ballooning, flying tours, concerts, fine dining, gourmet dining, wine tasting vineyard tours and vineyards that welcome the public daily, six Indian casinos, art and cultural exhibits, Hispanic cultural events, and a wealth of other things to do and see in San Diego, which is a city of 1.3 million people and a county of over 3 million residents. In fact San Diego is the eighth largest city in America, and it is filled with tiny communities, world class attractions, miles upon miles of coastline, and destinations of all kinds to please anyone. The weather is gorgeous in the spring, the attitude is laid back, and there is always something going on.