Orange County Events

Orange County, CA is a great place for vacationing.  It is home to so many attractions and events.  This is where Disneyland is located, along with Knott’s Berry Farm.  There is also the Huntington Beach Pier, where there are many events year round.

Starting with Huntington Beach, there is the annual US Open of surfing in July, where you can watch some of the best surfers on the waves of Huntington Beach.  This is also where you can enjoy a nice stroll along Main Street every Tuesday evening for the street fair.  Enjoy everything from carnival rides to a farmer’s market in the cool evening air.  The funnel cakes here are especially good.  These are just a couple of the events that Huntington Beach has to offer. 

If you prefer events that are further inland, you may find yourself drawn to the OC Marketplace on the Orange County Fairgrounds.  This is one of the largest swap meets you are likely to see anywhere.  Held every Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 4pm, you can find just about anything here that you desire.  From artwork, to fresh fruits and vegetables, to inexpensive clothing and furniture.  It’s all here.  You will even find carnival rides for the kids.  If you get a chance, don’t forget to stop by Bob’s old fashioned ice cream for a hand dipped ice cream bar.  Try the lemonade, too.  The only time that the marketplace is not open is during the Orange County Fair in July and August.  Of course the Fair itself is always fun with carnival games and rides.  There’s nothing like a corn dog and cotton candy to enjoy on a warm summer night.

Nearly every evening in Downtown Disney is an event as well.  Here you will find musical artists nearly every evening after dark.  You may just want to stop and listen, or you may find yourself wanting to pic up one of the CD’s that they are selling.  In every case, you are likely to be able to speak with the artists themselves, and learn about their work directly. 

No matter where your interests lie, you can find something to do in Orange County.  It truly is a beautiful and diverse place.  The beach, the amusement parks, and the malls all make for a fun place to visit, along with the other activities and events.  It truly is a place to enjoy.