Neighborhood Guide North East in Pasadena Ca

The North East neighborhood in Pasadena, California runs from the Foothill Freeway/Interstate 210 up north, covering the Eaton Canyon Park area and the Eaton Canyon Park Golf Club, on a narrow track moving slightly into the Mount Wilson park area. It is bordered on the west end by New York Drive and North Altadena Drive, and bordered on the east side by North and South Michillinda Avenue. The closest freeway is the Foothill Freeway/Interstate 210 at the very southern tip of the neighborhood. For more detailed location information, click here.

Mount Wilson is the only attraction located to the north of the North East neighborhood. To the east is the Arcadia Wilderness Park, and to the south are several attractions and places of interest. There is the Santa Anita Park, Santa Anita Golf Course, Live Oak Park, San Gabriel Country Club, and the Huntington Library, Art Gallery, and Botanical Gardens. To the west residents can visit the Altadena Golf Course, Hahamongna Watershed Park, The Brookside Golf Course, Arroyo Seco Park, and the Annandale Country Club.

Incomes in this neighborhood range from the high $30,000 mark to just under the $160,000 income level. The neighborhood is roughly 2 ½ square miles with over 5,500 inhabitants taking up residence in its borders. The cost of housing is extremely high, though there are a few exceptions the closer to the Foothill Freeway/Interstate 210 a resident lives. Most homes are in the upper hundreds of thousands mark, with many over the million dollar mark. There are almost as many young to older children as there are young to older adults, along with a high number of middle-aged people. Though there are not as many elderly, they do possess a strong number in this area. About two thirds of the residence are of the Caucasian persuasion, but African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and at least four other races also reside in the North East neighborhood. The median household income is about $40,000 more than that of the median income for the entire city of Pasadena. For more information about the demographics of this area, click here.

The crime rate in Pasadena is scored at a 20 out of a possible 100, where 100 is the best score possible. The North East neighborhood is the safest neighborhood, among others, in the city of Pasadena. It may be expensive, but for those families or people looking for a very safe neighborhood for their children or themselves, the North East neighborhood is the place to live. It comes across as a very quiet suburb, but with an extremely strong family presence. For more information regarding the crime rating, click here.