Jet Skiing in San Diego

With all of the great beaches in the San Diego greater metropolitan area (including prime spots like Coronado and Mission Bay), enjoying some time out on the water is a great way to take advantage of the natural beauty of the area while visiting. Many locals and travelers to the area like to enjoy swimming, surfing, and sailing, among other water sports. Riding jet skis is a fun activity, something many people only get to enjoy on occasion, and not as a regular daily event.

As a result, most people who like to jet ski do not have their own vehicle and need to rent them. Luckily, with all of the beaches and sporting activities that come along with a great climate and natural ocean area like San Diego, there are plenty of good choices for renting a jet ski, whether for an hour, a half day, or a full day on the water.

Below are a few examples of local companies who rent out jet skis. Most rental companies require that you have a valid driver’s license and are at least 18 years of age, although you don’t have to meet the more stringent requirements for boat rentals.

San Diego Jet Ski Rentals
Located in the Pacific Beach neighborhood, this agency also delivers to the Oceanside Harbor area by reservation. Customers will find great personal service here. This San Diego shop rents “watercraft, jet skis, wave runners, and boats.” Rates for a Yamaha VX 1100 Waverunners range from $75/hour to $250/day, with an option to rent single and double-wide trailers to haul the jet skis. Water sports rentals are only done May 1 through October 15th. The company also rents dune buggies and motorcycles, as well as conducting dune tours.

Seaforth Boat Rentals
Not only can you rent wave runners from this company, but there is a whole range of water sporting equipment available from Seaforth, from sailboats to power boats. If fun on the water is your quest, this is the spot. Mission Bay, with pricing that runs from $90/hour to $460/full day of  jet skiing (8 hours). Prices are slightly higher for the Coronado and Downtown areas, from $99/hour to $550 for the 8-hour slot, which includes sales tax and life jackets. These are for Yamaha VX110 Waverunners, which suit two or three passengers. The company also sponsors sailing regattas and an Aquatic Triathlon.

Mission Bay Jet Sports
Located on Mission Bay near San Diego’s Sea World, his company both sells and rents jet skis, along with trailers. They also rent dune buggies. Hourly jet ski rentals begin at $75/hour, with trailers from $200. Mission Bay Jet Sports also services and repairs privately owned jet skis. Rentals include life vests and gasoline used for their Waverunners and Sea-Dogs.

No matter where you rent your jet skis, exercise caution and follow suggested guidelines, particularly if you are a beginner. Stay in areas where jet skiing is allowed and, as with boating, practice good manners on the water. You, too, can experience the adrenalin rush that comes with a fun day out on the water on a jet ski. With all the good rental opportunities in the San Diego area, you don‘t need to own a jet ski to experience one.