Guide to Public Parks in Los Angeles

California, and the Los Angeles area, has some great public parks that are visited every day by tourists and locals alike. There are literally over 100 different parks within the Los Angeles area that are available to the public. Most of these parks are maintained by the City of Los Angeles on a daily basis, keeping them clean and tidy for visitors.

There are a couple of dedicated “dog parks” in the Los Angeles area, these have been made dog friendly and is a great place for you to bring your canine pet with you for a nice walk or playtime. They usually have designated dog areas where dogs are allowed to run free so they can exercise or play with their owners and other dogs. Most of them have separate areas for small dogs and large dogs as well.

If you want to go hiking and enjoy the great scenery of Los Angeles from a distance then Griffith Park is the place for you. The park itself is over 4000 acres of land and it houses several different museums and attractions where you can get away from the busy lifestyle and surroundings of downtown Los Angeles. The park is located in the Santa Monica Mountains and offers stunning panorama views of the downtown Los Angeles area. The LA Zoo can also be found within the park.

If you want a beautiful park to walk around with along with a huge selection of recreational centres then you should head over to Exposition Park. This particular park is open between April and December every year and 7 and a half acres of land is filled with almost every type of rose that you can imagine. This rose garden is one of the most beautiful places on the entire west coast and should be a no-brainer when you head out to Los Angeles. The park is also filled with several other attractions such as the LA Memorial Coliseum, the California Science Centre, the Natural History Museum and the LA Swimming Stadium; without a doubt one of the best parks in all of the United States.

No matter where you head in the great city of Los Angeles, there will be a park that will suit your needs and requirements. Some parks are more kid friendly, while the dog parks can offer something for the entire family as well. Most of the parks in Los Angeles can be a full day out, so take your time and enjoy everything that they have to offer.