Eating at Disneyland

When you go to Disneyland, the question will inevitably arise of where to eat.  There are so many choices, so no matter what your taste, you can find something.  Disneyland has everything from the incredibly romantic to fast and easy.  You can even have breakfast with some of your favorite Disney characters if you wish.

For breakfast, there are a couple of options.  Plaza Inn has a character breakfast with Mickey and Minnie and their friends.  This is a great way to start off your morning especially with young children.  It gets you into the Disney mood for the day ahead.  If you either don’t feel you need the characters, or just don’t want to spend $30 each on breakfast, you can go to the River Belle Terrace situated in Frontierland.  They have the world famous “Mickey Mouse” pancakes.  Both delicious and fun to eat, they are great for kids or even kids at heart. They also have eggs, biscuits and gravy, or even fresh fruit among their offerings.

At lunch and dinner, your options expand.  Among the less expensive options, there is a corn dog stand on Main Street, where they serve delicious, you guessed it, corn dogs.  There is also Harbour Galley along the Rivers of America, where they serve their soup in a sourdough bread bowl.  Royal Street Veranda serves steak gumbo in a sourdough bread bowl.  Stage Door Cafe is where you can find delicious chicken wings, fish and chips, and yummy funnel cakes.  Toontown is home to delicious sandwiches and hot dogs.  Tomorrowland Terrace has hamburgers, fries and chicken sandwiches.  If you want something slightly healthier, try Bengal Barbeque for skewers of barbequed meat in your choice of sauces.

For a small step up in price, you can go to some of the moderately priced restaurants.  Try the Plaza Inn that does away with the characters for some of the best fried chicken you can get anywhere.  Pizza Port has great pizza and pasta selections that will leave completely satisfied.  Cafe Orleans is home to the famous Monte Christo Sandwich, along with some delicious crepes.  French Market also has delicious roast beef and citrus chicken. 

Then there is the ultimate romantic experience, the Blue Bayou.  The Blue Bayou is situated overlooking the bayou prior to the drop on Pirates of the Caribbean.  Whether you go here at noon when it opens, or are one of the last people seated for the evening, it is always a beautiful starlit summer night here.  Between the romantic lighting, and the beautiful atmosphere, not to mention some of the most delicious seafood you’ve ever tasted, this has been the home of many proposals and anniversary dinners.

Just remember that no matter what your taste, Disneyland is sure to have a perfect meal for you and your family.