Eastern Orthodoxy in San Jose

One of the fastest growing Christian faiths in the United States is Christian Orthodoxy, also known as Eastern Orthodoxy. Many people in recent times have been looking into and converting to the ancient Christian faith. If you live in San Jose and are interested in Christian Orthodoxy there are two Greek Orthodox parishes that hold services in the San Jose Area.

Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and Saint Basil the Great Greek Orthodox Church both offer the same ancient faith with varying emphases on mission work, social functions, and number of services. Both churches are a part of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and are under the leadership of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. 

If you are used to larger churches or social groups and would feel more comfortable in a larger Parish than St. Nicholas is the place for you. Their size allows for a diverse array of social activities and the ability to offer daily liturgical services. St. Nicholas has social groups for every age, a basketball league, traditional Greek dance instruction, and Greek school for children and adults who wish to learn to read and speak Greek. The different social groups are meant to encourage both men and women in their Spiritual walks and provide community support for various times in life. Providing vast community resources is one of the advantages to attending St. Nicholas and any visitor is welcome to come and experience the rich community themselves.  

If you are a visitor who cannot attend on a Sunday then attending St. Nicholas would be convenient, because St. Nicholas offers a divine liturgy every day of the week. Not many Orthodox parishes are able to offer the Divine Liturgy on a daily basis and this would be a benefit for anyone who has a schedule that would not allow them to attend services on Sundays. To learn more about their social activities and their schedule for services and Church school please visit their website: http://www.saintnicholas.org/

If, instead, a small parish is more to your taste you might consider St. Basil the Great which is the newer of the two parishes in San Jose. St. Basil the Great is a growing and diverse parish that offers a weekly divine liturgy and bible study in English. The parish, because of its size, is able to offer very personal and individualized ministries which cater to families, married couples, children, and those wishing to serve others. The parish itself puts a large emphasis on missions work and offers avenues for new members to participate and become a part of the Christian call to serve others and spread the Gospel. The parish has a lot to offer visitors in the way of helpful insight into the conversion process, as well as information about the Orthodox faith. To learn more about St. Basil the Great Greek Orthodox church visit their website: http://www.stbasil.com/

Those who are considering visiting are reminded that although Orthodox churches offer Eucharist at every liturgy only members of the Eastern Orthodox Church can receive communion at an Eastern Orthodox Church service.