Disneys California Adventure

Disney’s California Adventure is the “other side” of Disneyland.  It’s not as big as Disneyland, so it can be more challenging to find things to do there, especially with toddlers.  They may not have the attention span to sit through some of the shows, or may not be tall enough to go on many of the rides.  However, with a little planning and knowledge of what’s available, you can have just as much fun there as you can at Disneyland.

Naturally, you have to start by being prepared for the day in general.  Pack your diaper bag with plenty of snacks, drinks, diapers and a couple of extra outfits.  The extra outfits are especially necessary when the weather starts to get warm.  As for snacks and drinks, you can pick some up at the park if you run out as well.  You can get free water from any food vendor, and you can get fruits from various vendors as well, in case you run out.  Make sure you have jackets in the stroller for nighttime, because it does get cold at night.  Blankets are also necessary for naptime.

In the Hollywood Pictures Backlot, there are a few attractions that are suitable for little ones.  Of course, this is where they have Playhouse Disney, where the children get to interact with their favorite morning shows from the Disney Channel.  Turtle Talk with Crush is one that a lot of little ones love because it is completely interactive.  Also, the animation studio is a great place to rest if it is too hot, too cold or too rainy outside.  The Monsters, Inc ride is one of the “dark” rides that Disney is famous for, and great for little ones. 

The next land that you will see after leaving Hollywood Pictures Backlot is “A Bug’s Land.”  This has many activities for children.  Most of the rides here are geared toward little ones, and they even have 3D movie starring Flik and his friends.  Bug’s land is where those extra clothes may come in handy on a hot day.  Between Princess Dot’s puddle park, and an oversized sprinkler system, you can let your child get completely soaked, keeping them nice and cool.  You can even get wet yourself if you need to.

Pacific Wharf is next, but does not have a lot of activities for little ones.  It is a great place to stop for a bite to eat, however.  They have Chinese, Mexican and soups and salads here, all bunched close together like a food court.  Each place also has a toddler meal.  You can take the tour of the Boudin Bakery and Mission tortilla factory as well.  It’s interesting, and you can keep your little one occupied with the bread and tortillas that you get at each.

Paradise Pier has more activities for everyone.  This is where Ariel’s Grotto is, where the Princess character meals are served.  The menu is delicious, and the princesses are great for little girls, from toddlers on up.  King Triton’s Carousel is also here, where your little one can ride their favorite sea creature.  Toy Story Mania is also up here.  This is a 3D ride where you play games and get your score as you’re leaving. 

Coming back down, Grizzly creek is where the rapids are, but since most toddlers are unable to go on the rapids, you can take them to the Redwood Creek Challenge trail.  This is good for children all the way from toddlers on up.  There are smal slides for little ones, as well as trails to wander around on.  As they grow, there are bigger slides, rope bridges and mountain climbing experiences for them as well.

There is no reason that you have to be bored when taking a toddler to Disney’s California Adventure.  They will also love the Pixar Play Parade where they can see all their favorite characters.