Best Soups in Los Angeles Ca

I am a soup lover and a resident of Los Angeles and I’d like to share my favorite “soup spots” with you.

~ My Favorite Soup ~

The best split-pea soup and warm corn bread that my taste buds crave it’s a regular item on menu at “Hamlet” located in downtown Hollywood for $6.95 I get a large bowl of split-pea soup and two pieces of just out of the oven fresh warm corn bread.

~ All kinds of soups ~

If I’m not sure what type of soup I’m in the mood for I take a trip to “Souplantation” located on Tampa Ave. in the Porter Ranch Plaza. There I can choose from Cream of Broccoli, Yankee Clipper Clam Chowder w/ Bacon, Tomato Parmesan & Vegetables. They have more than a dozen soups to choose from each day all come with a slice of bread of your choice. They are all very tasty, filling and reasonably priced at $5.95 a bowl.

~ Seafood Soups & Chowders ~

After a day at the beach the family and I often stop by Bluewater Grill Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar located just steps from the shoreline of Redondo Beach. They have the best seafood soups and chowders. My daughter loves the Classic Lobster Bisque while my husband’s favorite is the Manhattan clam chowder and my personal favorite is the New England Calm Chowder. (Believe it or not it is almost as good as “real” chowder from Boston.) The price of the soup and chowders range from $4.95 to $6.95 I have to say all of their food is excellent and the attire is causal.

~ Healthy Soups ~

Salads Galore in Encino offers six healthy soups; sweet and sour cabbage, vegetable and vegan minestrone are my favorites they all come in a French bread bowl and cost $5.25.

~ Hearty Soups ~

Marie Calderon Restaurant on Nordoff Street has some of the best hearty soups around Los Angeles. The vegetable beef soup is loaded with beef and large assortments of vegetables in a hearty gravy type broth. The Chicken rice soup has several pieces of chopped chicken, vegetables and rice. The soup comes with warm homemade bread and costs $7.95 each.

Finding good soup can be a chore if you have a high standards which when dinning out we all do. No one wants a can of generic brand soup dumped in their bowl. We want fresh homemade soups at a reasonable price.