Best places to walk your dog in Redwood, California

If you live in or near Redwood City, California and you own
a dog, you should definitely familiarize yourself with all of the great places
in the area to take your furry friend for a walk. Whether you are looking for dog parks or
hiking trails, you and your canine companion can enjoy hours of fun in the sun
together. Here are just a few of the
best places to walk your dog in the Redwood area.

Shore Dogs Park:

The Shore Dogs Park is at 1300 Block Radio Road in Redwood
City. It is a beautiful place for you to
bring your dog, especially if you want him to have a great off-leash
experience. The off leash part of the
park consists of two fenced in areas. One is for smaller dogs, while the other is for larger breeds. That prevents any overly enthusiastic big
dogs from accidentally injuring smaller pups. 

Each area of Shore Dogs Park has stations set up for both
drinking water and waste disposal. Bags
are provided so that owners can easily pick up after their pets. In addition to open areas for the dogs to
run, there are also some walking trails that you can enjoy with your dog,
either on or off leash.

Also, as the name suggests, the park is right on the
water. So, if your pooch loves the
beach, he’ll love watching the wild birds, and even wild seals, that like to
stay along the water’s edge. However,
the trails near the water are not part of the off leash area. So, if you want your pet to run free, you
will have to take him to the enclosed off leash play space.

If you visit the Shore Dogs Park, however, you should be
aware that there is a limit of 3 dogs per person in the park. Also, the park is closed after dark and is
sometimes closed due to flooding issues in the rainy season.

Stafford Park:

Stafford Park is located on King Street at Hopkins Avenue in
Redwood City. It is a great place to go
if you want to walk your dog on a leash. If you have a particularly long leash, you can even play ball or Frisbee
with your pet. There are also designated
walking trails that you can stroll along with your dog by your side. However, leashes are required in every area
of Stafford Park. 

If you happen to have a larger dog, such as a Rottweiler,
you may encounter some worried, over-protective parents.  So, be sure that your dog is friendly and
well-controlled, if you plan to visit Stafford Park.

Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve:

The Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve is on Edmonds Road in
Redwood City. It offers some spectacular
walking trails.  The off leash area
features wooded paths that your pet will love to explore. However, there is no wide open fenced area
like you might find at other dog parks.

Although the Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve does offer
some great views and fun walking trails, you should come prepared to take care
of your pet. Unlike other dog-friendly
parks, it does not have water stations, trash bins, or pet waste bags
available.  So, if you plan to take your
dog there, you should bring a backpack with supplies.

Stulsaft Park:

Stulsaft Park, which is located at 3700 Farm Hill Boulevard
in Redwood City, is an especially good place to take your pet for a walk in the
morning. It offers some wide,
comfortable trails, a pretty little stream, and plenty of foliage that your pet
can sniff and play in. The sunlight
streams down through the trees onto the trails in the morning, making it an
invigorating place to go for a morning stroll. However, even though your dog is allowed off leash, you should be aware
that you may encounter other dogs, kids, bike riders, and various other
distractions. So, if your dog doesn’t
listen well, you would be better off to keep him on the leash.

Other Options:

All of the parks and trails listed above are free places
where you and your dog can enjoy some exercise and fresh air in Redwood. However, the Redwood City area also features
some private dog parks, which you can gain access to by paying yearly
membership fees.  In addition to that,
there are doggie daycare centers with their own private play areas. So, whether you want to walk your pet
yourself, or leave him in the care of someone else for the day, you can always
guarantee that he is getting exercise and having some fun.