Adult Swimming Lessons Offered in Sacramento Ca

Sacramento and swimming go together. From the variety of private and public pools, to the plentiful and often treacherous waterways that abound in Northern California, there is no shortage of swimming opportunities. It is best to learn how to swim here, because we never know when we will have to respect the water as well as to enjoy it!

Debbie Meyer is a three time Olympic Gold medalist, at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. Her school has been in business since 1970 and offers classes at the home or at pools that are at her Carmichael facility. One pool is covered and both pools offer therapeutic temperatures of 88-92 degrees all year. Her schools are open from February to November and she has two programs: a unique program of 12 of 15 minute lessons, or six half hour sessions. Whether a first time adult swimmer or one who aspires to improve technique, this is the school that offers a highly regarded program.

With the current budget crisis in California, programs might be curtailed for 2010, so it is best to check with the parks and recreation in the Spring to determine what the Summer programs and schedules will be. The summer aquatics programs in Sacramento are extensive and will probably be funded for 2010, with the help of the user registration fees.

The City Of Sacramentooffers summer adult swim programs that will teach techniques that will become lifelong ways to get along with the water. The “Learn To Swim” program offers There are several locations: the Coloma Community Center, the Pannell Meadowview Center, the Belle Cooledge Center and the South Natomas Center. Aquatics Registration is at 4623 T Street in Sacramento.

The City of West Sacramento offers a comprehensive adult swim program where individuals who are 18 and older can work with a swim coach to learn from scratch or to improve technique.

The City of Roseville Parks and Recreation has an extensive swimming program, with adult swimming lessons at the Roseville Aquatic Complex in the evenings.

The list of private instructors can be daunting, since there must be some form of research and checking with satisfied customers to ensure that you will get what you are paying for, but at $35 to $50 per hour, a private instructor who will join you at your club, fitness center that has pools, or at home might be the road to swimming success.