The William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library and Park

An Overview on the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Park in Little Rock, AR

Little Rock the Capital to the state of Arkansas, located at the heart of the prestigious State of Arkansas where former President of the United States Bill Clinton started his political career, is where the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library is located. The Museum, which was launched on the 19 November 2004, was graced by known dignitaries, which include some former American Presidents.

The William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Park is a museum that encompasses a variety of Educational Programs to all including families and visitors. It accounts for the largest archival and museum holdings in the Presidential Library system. Researchers as well as learners will find surfing for information’s in this great library because it holds donated materials and Official documents of past events that took place in the political history of the United States. It is a must visit to all, because right there you get your self-busy with lots of information at your custody

Being a Library that boasts of 76.8 million pages of paper documents, 1.85 million photographs, and 85,000 museum artifacts, the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Park was meant to represent a bridge to the 21st century.

Foreigners who intend visiting this museum will find the experience fascinating, as admission into the museum is free each year on former President Clinton’s birthday. Full with lots of palatable tasty meal, and taste bursting drinks in the full-service restaurant located at the Northern wing of the Presidential center, visitors will find their stay pleasurable and exciting. You may want to try having a taste of the delicacies like the traditional breakfast fares, scotch eggs, omelets and creamy mussels. It is available on demand, with lots of experienced catering staff to serve you with the best of food. Though, some restaurants offer specific type specific meal each week. Special events such as musical performances, political meetings, conferences, inaugural lectures and festivals of various types are hosted there through out the year, making it one of the best places to visit.

Really the William J. Clinton Presidential Library, which some call the “Library of Honor”, consist of a large space of over 20,000 square feet, housing a large cabinet suite, oval offices and interactive stations. Indeed the museum was fashioned in a way that the arrangement and events depicted the Clinton’s administration.