Spas in Hot Springs Arkansas

Guide to the best spas in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Your daily life has been so busy, your body aches and your nerves are raw! It sounds like you need a break from it all and Hot Springs has the answers for you. The city is known as the “original resort” and in the 1920’s people flocked to the mineral baths and massages that Bath House Row could provide. Hotels, like the Ambassador, offer baths and massages as do some of the other hotels right there in the heart of Hot Springs National Park.

Stroll down Central Avenue’s tree lined street and enjoy the nostalgic walk that all the bathers took before you. As you stroll, you will see steam rising from fountains all around Bath House Row. These Springs supply the thermal mineral water that is offered in baths along Central Avenue.

Buckstaff Bath is still in full operation and provides travellers with high-trained professionals. Your experience at Buckstaff should begin early. They open at 7 am and the lines for thermal baths and massages begin to grow early. They accept no reservations.

At Buckstaff you will be directed to the locker room. These are not co-ed, so it is comforting to the modest bather. After disrobing, your locker room attendant will wrap your body toga-style and then you will wait for your bath attendant. Entering the 105 degree mineral water is soothing from the start. Your bath attendant proceeds to scrub your back gently with a loofah pad and then reaches to your feet. You are ready to relax for 15-20 minutes in the privacy of your own tub and cubicle.

The ambiance of the whole room begins to speak of relaxation and pampering. After your thermal bath, the attendant will lead you to your waiting sitz bath, then to the hot packs table and finally to your needle shower. You’ll feel renewed even before the Swedish massage that is also offered.

The hotels along Central are lucky to be able to access the thermal waters of the Springs, which number more than 40, for your bathing experience. Spa 135 in the Springs Hotel & Spa is located on the second floor of the hotel. The famed Arlington Hotel offers body scrubs, wet saunas, dry sauna, whirlpool thermal baths, body wraps and a variety of massages. The Arlington requests reservations and they are taken up to 4 months in advance.

For a mystifying experience and total pampering, visit Sabai. Located at 210 Hobson Avenue, it sits in a quiet area away from Central Avenue. Reservations are important and Timi and Joshua will do everything they can to soothe that aching body. The facials and aromatherapy are five-star. You will discuss with your therapist which area of your body needs extra care before your massage. If you want to take a peek at what you will see, they have a web site to visit.

These are some of the best of Hot Springs! Take a day or two and enjoy what the area has to offer. Relax and go home refreshed. You will wish that Hot Springs and her beautiful spa services could be a monthly retreat. At least, try an annual or semi-annual pilgrimage!