Neighborhood Guides Central High little Rock Arkansas

Central High is a neighborhood in Little Rock, Arkansas. It is located to the south of downtown and to the east of Capital View. It is named for the real high school that is located within the neighborhood. It is located to the south of the Wilbur B. Mills Freeway and north of Wright Avenue.  Homes in this neighborhood run the gamut from early in the 20th century to past mid-century. The majority of them are single family with good sized yards. Prices vary depending on whether or not the homes have been restored. Like many neighborhoods across the country there are foreclosures to be had in this area. Good buys abound but there are beautiful fully restored homes that run over $170,000.

The neighborhood is not entirely residential, there are commercial areas. Apartment rentals are also available and for those who are looking for a loft style, Westside Lofts offers affordable 1-2 bedroom units. Located in a historic conversion, these apartments offer 10 feet ceilings and lots of amenities.

In 1957 the world was a different place. Integration had been ordered and in some cities of the deep-south it was vigorously resisted. Little Rock was one of those places. The Governor of the state used the National Guard to keep African American students out of the school.  Central High School became the center of the struggle and the nine young black students who became known as the Little Rock 9 defied the Governor and entered the school. President Eisenhower sent in the 101st Airborne Division. It was a really horrible school year but the first black graduated from Central High School in June 1958. It was not a done deal yet but eventually integration prevailed. Today the High School is a National Historic Site.  with a visitor center and museum located across the street from  the actual school.

The Arkansas Children’s Hospital  is located on the northern border of the Central High School neighborhood. It is a not for profit children’s hospital, the only one in the state and one of the largest ones in the country. They treat children from birth to age 21. It is a comprehensive medical center that offers a wide selection of services.

Arkansas Baptist College is located within this neighborhood. It is a four year religious college which has been historically a school for black students. It was founded in 1884 by both black and white religious leaders. The college offers both Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees.  

St Bartholomew Church is part of the Diocese of Little Rock and has been a parish since 1911. It has a Sunday Mass at 9:30am. It shares the pastor of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish.

Central High is a historic neighborhood. It offers a variety of housing options and is well located for downtown and to all the services and facilities that Little Rock has to offer.