Little Rockis an ideal community for the active individual

These days it seems like everyone is concerned with either getting fit or staying fit. Exercise has become an important part of our every day lives. For those of you who live in Little Rock, Arkansas finding a place to exercise is easy. Whatever type of exercise is right for you Little Rock has somewhere for you to go. Whether it is walking, jogging, biking, hiking, swimming, or simply working out in a fitness center Little Rock has it.

Big Dam Bridge is the largest pedestrian and cycling bridge in the world. This bridge connects 17 miles of trails in Little Rock and North Little Rock and is a great place to go for a stroll, a jog, or a bike ride. You can either walk or jog or the 4,226 linear feet of the bridge and back or keep going along the entire 17 miles of trail if you prefer to really get a workout.

The Arkansas River Trail offers a wonderful place to jog or walk with some really beautiful views of the Arkansas river. You can simply go the length of the trail and back or continue over the Big Dam Bridge. The length of your workout is up to you.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park has several hiking trails that you can enjoy while getting a bit of exercise. These trails range from short walking trails to fairly difficult hiking uphill and rock scrambles that will certainly allow you to get a bit of exercise and see some really beautiful sights as well.

City Parks, Arkansas has many urban parks that allows you to get out in the fresh air and have a jog or or a stroll and get in a little exercise. You can also bring along some friends and have a great time playing a pick up game of football, or toss a Frisbee around and get some exercise that way as well.

Riverfront park offers a great promenade for you to jog along and you can even stop along away and little about the history of Little Rock.

For those who really enjoy low impact exercise why not try going for a swim at Lake Nixon or the War Memorial pool. Both are great ways to get in a little exercise and to cool off on a really hot Arkansas day.

Lake Nixon is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5 pm and has both a water slide and a diving board so why not bring the whole family and make an afternoon of it?

War Memorial pool is part of the fitness center but, you don’t have to be a member to use the pool. A 5.00 dollar fee for adults and a 3.50 dollar fee for children is charged but it well worth the price to enjoy this facility.

For those of you who prefer to get you exercise indoors there are several fitness clubs scattered around Little Rock. With more than a dozen to chose from there is probably one close to you. Membership rates vary so be sure to do a little shopping around to find the rates and the type of club that is best suited for you.

Probably the most overlooked, cheapest, and most convenient location to exercise is your own backyard. There are a variety ways you can get in a little exercise without ever leaving home. For a couple of dollars you can purchase a jump rope and jump your way to good health. A hulu hoop is another cheap device that you can use in your own backyard that will help you keep fit and trim.

With so many exercise options open to you and so many places to choose from what are you waiting for? Now is great time to start getting fit and enjoying yourself while doing it.