A Guide to Ethnic Restaurants in little Rock

Little Rock, Arkansas, has much to offer in the category of ethnic restaurants. 

There are many Chinese restaurants located in the Little Rock area. The buffets in each features an array of Chinese entrees. Fantastic China has a slogan, “Our heart goes into every dish.”  This motto entices the diner of Chinese food to try their dishes.

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi offers good food and theatrical dinner entertainment. Their cuisine is prepared at the table by expert chefs. A complete menu and entertainment options are offered on their web site.

Shogun is a competitor to Kobe.  It too, offers, food preparation at each table. Their slogan, “Your Table is Our Kitchen”, makes the guest’s favorites right before their eyes.

There are several other Japanese cuisine restaurants that are in the Little Rock area, also. 

Catfish is a delicacy in Little Rock. There are several seafood restaurants, which feature catfish. The best catfish restaurants are the ones that feature catfish only. The Catfish Hole is located across the river from Little Rock, in North Little Rock. This “all you can eat” restaurant offers not only catfish, but frog legs, chicken, scallops, and  shrimp. 

Mexican food is a good choice in Little Rock. The Riviera Maya is a treat for lovers of Mexican cuisine. They claim to  be much more than  a restaurant. They boast of real Mexican food, and not the Tex Mex variety  that most other Mexican restaurants offer.

Tazikis offers Mediterranean inspired food. The entrees are large, and the casual dining atmosphere offers affordable menu choices.

The complete list of restaurants can be obtained from the Little Rock Tourist Bureau.

Most eateries in Little Rock are long standing favorites for residents and visitors.  Any new restaurant has to pass the test of time in Little Rock. New ethic favorites are not large franchise selections, but small restaurants that offer a quaint atmosphere and good food.

Vino’s Inc. is a favorite of Italian food lovers.  The food is fresh and cooked in the Italian tradition.  Another Italian restaurant, Villa Italian Restaurant, is a good place to eat the traditional Italian favorites. 

Visitors to Little Rock can find the popular ethnic menu in the Little Rock phone book. Directions to the restaurants are also listed. There are many options and the best way to discover the best ethnic eateries is to ask someone from Little Rock. Little Rock residents find dining out a relaxing thing to do. 

Select your palate, and there is a restaurant to satisfy it.