A Guide to Antique Shopping in little Rock Arkansas

For years, antique lovers in Arkansas have been heading to Little Rock to find great deals and excellent selection. There are many different shops that offer both high end pieces and collectors items. Whether you are looking for that special item or vintages treasures, you will find what you are looking for in Little Rock.

Kahler Payne offers upscale antiques and design ideas for your home. They are also a great place to consign your really nice pieces. The shop is located in the Hillcrest neighborhood and is attractive without making you feel as if you need to be a Rockefeller to shop there. The stock changes often enough to make this a place that you should put on your regular antique routes. They carry a nice selection of furniture that is of good quality but not necessarily a priceless antique that you will have to keep the kids and pets away from. These are antiques that can become a part of your décor and your life. It isn’t just furniture either, there are plenty of decorating ideas that are tastefully affordable. Stock is a combination of estate, European and fine antiques. Gift and fun ideas are located throughout the store as part of their new Flair, an effort dedicated to greener living. .

Mid-Town Antique Mall offers over 20,000 square feet of antiques and more. It isn’t all antiques here, there are new items such as jewelry and home decorating ideas. They are open on Sunday which is a big plus and have plenty of parking. Be sure what you are looking at is an antique, if that is what you are looking for. If you are just looking for great things to decorate with or to use, then their age is irrelevant; it is all about getting the best price.

You know what they say about one man’s junk? At Hillcrest Junk  you will find a store where that philosophy is played out. They describe their stock as used, vintage and retro and with antiques getting younger all the time, this shop may be more about future antiques than actual ones. If you have a good eye for future trends or if you are into shabby chic or retro, this is the perfect place to poke around and find a treasure or two. They are only open Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays, so planning is vital if you want to include them on your antique runs. 

Twin City Antique Mall has genuine antiques from the 1800s to the 1970s. Does that make you feel old or what?  Yes, those toys you may have used as a kid are considered antiques.  They are open seven days a week and even have extended hours. Antique malls are the perfect place to poke around and a pleasant couple of hours can usually be spent visiting the booths of the many vendors.  This mall is no exception. They have 9,000 square feet of space dedicated to sales.

These are just some of the places in Little Rock to find antiques and enjoy a pleasant day of hunting for that perfect item. There are others too numerous to mention.  Little Rock can certainly provide a great deal of entertainment for antique lovers. For a more comprehensive list, check out the Little Rick CVB.