Where to go Dancing in Phoenix Az

If you are visiting Phoenix, Arizona and want to find something fun to do at night you may want to check out the dance clubs. There are several places to go dancing and it will depend on what kind of music you prefer. There are clubs for straight people and those for gays or lesbians. There are also clubs that have live bands perform where most of the places mentioned below have DJ’s.

Axis and Radius is a large dance club. It has two separate clubs that are attached to each other. One club plays R&B to current Pop or Hip Hop music while the other club plays mostly techno music. Some celebrities such as Nick Lachey and Derek Jeter have made their way to this particular club. There is a dress code that requires people to dress to impress and those that are dressed too casual will not be able to get in. A DJ is used rather than live bands.

Hidden House Cocktail Lounge is a small building with limited room inside which can sometimes cause problems with people. They mainly play Hip Hop music and there’s reasonable pricing for their drinks and they offer food as well. There’s no dress code and it is a casual atmosphere. On the weekends there is always a good crowd. There is no room for live bands to play here. Only a DJ is available to play the music.

BS West is a popular gay bar in Phoenix. It is considered the best gay bar in town. It has plenty of room for dancing. Alcohol is available for reasonable prices and there is also a game room available. The main music played is Pop. A DJ is there to encourage people to get up and dance. There is always a good crowd over the weekends.

Finally, Rogue Bar is a dance club and bar that has various parties for different periods in pop and rock music. For example, there’s an 80’s night as well as a 70’s night. There’s no cover fee and again the drinks are reasonably priced. There is no cover charge and no particular dress code.

Phoenix has several things to do during its nightlife. If dancing is what you want to do then I would recommend checking out some of the clubs mentioned. There’s something for everybody and there’s all sorts of music to choose from.