Where to Fly Fish on the Colorado River in Arizona

The Colorado River offers a wide variety when considering where to fly fish on that beautiful river. Together with the selection of various locations, one is impressed with the different types of fish in the different parts of the Colorado River. Finding the ideal spot depends on preference which differs from person to person.

Discover where to fly fish along the Colorado River:


The Colorado River starts at the Rocky Mountain National Park as a little creek and flows through alpine meadows which contain brook trout. The brook trout make for easy and relaxed fly fishing afternoon.

Upper Colorado River

Flowing through some reservoirs, the Colorado River starts increasing in size and now brown trout and rainbow trout can be found. Public access points can be found along the river and more so at towns of Hot Sulphur Springs and Parshall.

William Fork

In this part of the river the rainbow trout are outnumbered by the brown trout. There is a little bit of hiking involved in this neck of the woods but it’s worth the experience.

Lower Colorado River

Colorado River flows downstream from the town Kremmling and joins with Blue River and becomes a larger river. Here one can explore and fly fish in the Gore Canyon. Take a moment to enjoy the picture perfect views and the fish are a treat as well.

Each of these locations has their own personality and should be experienced individually.,Depending on your level of out-door experience you can either set out on an independent adventure or with the assistance of a guide. With a guide you can quickly move to trout rich locations if your current location is not yielding any results and usually the guide has interesting facts and back stories.

Another advantage of having a guide around is their knowledge of the weather and how it will affect the different locations differently. You might find that at William Fork you’ll struggle to fly fish when it’s drizzling rain, whereas at Lower Colorado River you’ll find yourself in fly fish heaven.

Once you are comfortable with the Colorado River setting, you can explore at your leisure the different banks and can float down with the river and enjoy Colorado River in its entirety.

The beauty of the Colorado River is that it will always warmly welcome you and regardless of where on this majestic river you decide to take your fly fishing adventures, it will be difficult to leave without a few magical memories to treasure.