Where can on find Arizona wildflowers?

If you are like most people you have heard of how beautiful Arizona can be during certain times of the year. This is especially true when the wildflowers are in full bloom.

It may surprise you that the Arizona Desert is filled with an array of colors once the winter rains have passed on by.  Sometimes they are more abundant than other years but either way you can be certain that you will find blooms all around during the months of March and April. This is showcased in Superior, Arizona at the Thompson Arboretum State Park.

Another great place to see wildflowers is traveling down any highway. One in particular stands out as amazing to see though and this is Highway 60 in Wickenburg. It is here that you will see brightly colored Poppies and Lupine bursting brightly along the road. Take your camera if you want to see just how beautiful flowers can be.

For a truly picturesque view you should consider visiting the Superstition Mountains. You will find trails for both the hiker and those who prefer to travel by car. No matter which route you choose to take, you will not be disappointed by all the wildflower blooms you find along the way.

If you are south of Phoenix or plan to go near there during the spring months you may want to consider a trip to Peak State Park, or to the west you can visit White Tank Mountain Regional Park. It is a desert park and it is home to some truly amazing wildflowers if the winter rains have treated Arizona right.

Bartlett Lake will give you a fantastic view of poppies during the early season after wintertime rains. During the later season you will find cactus and succulents in full bloom along nature trails and the picnic areas.

If you are in Arizona in late spring to early summer and still would like to view all the beauty that Arizona has to offer, you will most likely need to head to higher ground where temperatures cool off more slowly. This includes places such as Hannagan’s Meadow. It is located on the Scenic Byway in the White Mountains. You can hike, fish, climb, bike or ride horses to your heart’s content while watching the beautiful flowers blow in the breeze on an 80 degree day.

If you love mountains, lakes, flowers and more then you should see what the Rim Lakes have to offer during the latter part of spring. Beautiful exotic flowers reflecting off lakes with the mountains as a back drop. What could be more beautiful?

Arizona wildflowers during the spring time after a wet winter cannot possibly be beat. If you are ever in the area, be sure to have you camera set to go no matter where you plan to travel. You will definitely find a few spots along the way to stop and smell the wildflowers.