The weather in Scottsdale Arizona complements the lifestyle

They say it never rains in California and that’s true in the summertime. Scottsdale, Arizona gets more rain than L.A. during the summer. But, the desert “monsoons” often consist of one or two downpours (sometimes only light sprinkles) and a few weeks worth of wind and clouds. For the most part, it’s sunny and “get me out of here” hot! Many find the heat intolerable during the months of July and August especially, but the locals have a saying, “At least you don’t have to shovel heat!”

From mid September to mid May, Scottsdale Arizona is a paradise! It can get downright chilly on winter mornings and evenings, but most days jackets and long pants are not a requirement. In fact, with it’s close proximity to Arizona State University, young women in halter tops and daisy dukes are a common sight. If Vegas is known as “Sin City”, Scottsdale should be nicknamed, “Skin City”.

While many find the Arizona summer heat unappealing, it’s not so bad on vacation. Scottsdale is home to an array of gorgeous resorts that promote poolside languishing. There is no place, or time, on earth where “getting your splash on” is more invigorating than in the middle of the desert during the months of May through September when temperatures reach 100 and above. Even better, is the fact that bathing suits dry quickly, thanks to the oven-like lack of heavy humidity experienced by so many other climates.

Oddly enough, golf seems to be almost as popular during the summer as the winter. Most of the courses have stunning backdrops and the rates are generously low. Although, many smart golfers choose early tee times, as the morning temperatures are generally somewhat tolerable. A morning on the greens, only makes a lazy afternoon at the pool that much more inviting.

While venturing out, one will find and array of world class everything.  Scottsdale offers, year round, high end luxury, including art galleries, many, featuring exquisite pieces by Native Americans, shopping in air conditioned comfort at the Scottsdale “status symbol” Fashion Square (it’s really more like a mall shaped like an L, but with high end shopping), a limitless supply of fine dining from supper clubs to sushi, and of course a few western style steakhouses that serve, rattlesnake (When in Paris, try the escargot. When in Scottsdale, try the rattlesnake.), spas galore, and night life. Scottsdale is the premiere night club destination area in all of Arizona, from groovy and hip lounges to sophisticated and posh dance clubs.

So Much For Global Warming in Scottsdale, Arizona!

Toward the end of May, temperatures in the Sonoran Desert normally reach, “cool the car down first” temperatures. Fortunately, every once in a while, there is a cold snap. May of 2008 was no exception. It was downright chilly! With temperatures in the mid 70’s during the day, and 50’s at night, visitors and locals alike, rejoiced. The javelina saw his shadow this year.