Some of the festivals and events happening in Scottsdale Arizona

There is one thing you will realize upon a visit to Scottsdale, Arizona. It is such an exciting place to experience America’s Western culture. This city pulls you in and fascinates you with its animated festivals and events which attract legions of vacationers. The best part about it is the marvelous scenery you witness as you take a stroll around town. Scottsdale really has it all, and the festivals add even more to the city’s beauty.

Arizona bike week

This festival is one of the largest motorcycle rallies in North America. It takes place every year between the last week of March and the first week of April. You can very well call it bikers’ heaven because Bike Week hauls in motorcyclists from all over the country. The week is filled with events and is usually kicked off with several parties in the days preceding the rally.  The rally itself takes place at the West World equestrian center in Scottsdale, which is located north of exit 39 from Loop 101. The rally lasts five days with numerous fun-filled events that draws the interest of kids as well as adults. The Harley Davidson Traveling Museum is just one of many enchanting attractions associated with the rally, where you can experience the history of the famous motorcycle company! The “Handle Bar Saloon” is the creative name given to the field where all of the event goers bikes are showcased. This festival also brings a good cause with its several charity events held throughout the days. Affordable food is always available at the West World grounds and a host of live concerts are performed daily. It is definitely an awesome sight.

McDowell Mountain Music Festival

McDowell Fest is one of the most popular and diverse music festivals held annually in America. This event also takes place at West World and lasts two days in late April. Try to imagine incredible concerts performed by amazing bands of several genres. That’s right. You can get rock, blues, folk, reggae, alternative, country, funk and soul all in one lineup. In the warm month of April, you can visit the venue in comfortable attire and feel the music vibrations. The music festival’s mission is to bring together the community while also raising money for charities. The great thing about it is that a hundred percent of the venue’s profits go to the charities, which helps children’s education and the community. The performances this year were amazing so be sure to check out the next festival in April of 2009. Tickets go on sale in February.

So when you’re ready to take on April in Scottsdale, you will definitely have an itinerary in hand. Be sure to check the websites of the McDowell Mountain Music Fest and Arizona Bike Week for tickets and event dates for next year. People from all walks of life enjoy the Scottsdale culture.