Recycling Tips for Phoenix Arizona

Recycling in Phoenix, Arizona is a major way that residents can keep their houses clutter-free  and their environment as clean as possible. Making the decision to remove unwanted items from home improvement or spring cleaning projects can in many cases be recycled  in some form or another. Businesses that accept used apparel, furniture, electronics, appliances, books, and various equipment and much more can be found by thumbing through the local Phoenix Yellow Pages. Here is a compiled list of some places that will be glad to take your used items off of your hands:

•St. Vincent De Paul
•Habitat for Humanity ReStore
•North Phoenix Freecycle
•Buffalo Exchange
•Westech Recycling

Scouts Electronicfest- Computers and electronic devices can be donated at this location in Scottsdale, Arizona once a month.

Phoenix Hazardous Household Waste (HHW) Collection- Many used items are hazardous to discard in the trash can!  Paint, oil, old batteries, antifreeze can be safely disposed of at the City of Phoenix waste disposal center that has monthly collections of hazardous materials free of charge. The website gives a complete listing of acceptable materials and locations to drop off items.

Many local valley grocery chains such as Fry’s, Safeway, Wal-Mart, Sunflower Markets and several other partners accept plastic shopping bags for recycling. Used toner cartridges also can often be returned to various office supply stores for a future store credit on your next toner cartridge purchase.

There are over twelve recycling centers within the greater Phoenix area alone. As a community there is an extensive recycling program in the city. Every Phoenix resident receives a a blue recycling bin in the form of a barrel or garbage in which to put all acceptable recyclable materials. These are collected once per week. Depending on the city or town, residents are required to separate paper from plastics and cans, or commingle recyclable items.  Other cities in the greater Phoenix area have recycling bins that may be other colors like brown or gray. Although recycling takes little effort to do in many cases, it makes a big impact on the conservation of natural resources in addition to creating a cleaner more sustainable environment and giving back to  the community. For those who wish to profit by means of recycling there are many ways of making money by recycling metals such as copper, ferrous (magnetic) and non-ferrous (non-magnetic) materials.