Neighborhood Guide Forest Knoll in Mesa Az

Forest Knoll, in Mesa, Arizona, is a very small neighborhood. It includes three streets: E. Mallory, E. Menlo, E. Hermosa Vista and N Hall Streets. Surrounded by blocks for unused land, it lies between Harris Park and Groves of Hermosa Vista and Friendly Cove Estates and Rita Vista. This newer suburb is to the north of Mesa in Maricopa County.

The people there are mostly college educated. They work in mainly sales/office jobs or construction/maintenance jobs. They make between $50 and $74K a year. Most homes here have private swimming pools.

Two elementary schools are nearby: McArthur Elementary and Lehi Elementary. All other services are far. For athletics, Royal Palms Golf Course is available to the public and Sheepherder’s Basketball Court. Fire, Police, and Libraries are in downtown Mesa. High school students must travel to downtown Mesa to go to school. Junior high students go to Kino Junior High School.

This neighborhood is just across Lehi Road to the Lauren’s Institute for Education, a center for handicapped children. The center has observation rooms, classrooms and a gym.  All children with disabilities, including Down’s syndrome and autism, are welcome here.

Mesa Historical Museum is nearby. The Museum was an old Lehi schoolhouse. The building has a rich history. It was a bomb shelter in the Cold War. It was the first school to have an electric cooling system. The school district condemned the building in 1976. The City of Mesa bought the building and sold it to the Historical Museum instead of demolishing it due the auditorium’s sturdy and solid construction. The well-built auditorium, especially, saved the building from the scheduled destruction. Though built in the early 1900s, today it is a storage area for some of the museum’s collections and exhibits. Murals of famous historical events, people, and events fill the auditorium.  

Red Mountain Park is a city park not too far away. It has fishing. Fishermen do need a license from the Fish and Wildlife to fish there. However, the City of Mesa has nine public parks including dog parks, ballparks, as well as lakes.

The spring and summer temperatures in Mesa reach near 80F and 100 F every day. In winter, normal temperatures are close to 70F. This neighborhood does not have freezing temperatures at any time of the year. Their lowest temperatures are in the 40s. Most people work outside of this neighborhood.

For health care, many in this neighborhood use Banner Health. It is Mesa’s second largest employer. Public schools employ the most people in this community.

For well-to-do married couples, this neighborhood is an ideal one. It is a growing neighborhood with new houses and suburbs springing up all the time.