Hike Safely in Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park is one of the few places where the giant saguaro cactus can be found in plenty in the United States. The park is located to the east and west of the city of Tucson. The saguaro are protected in the park.

Hiking trails are many in Saguaro National Park. The park has two districts and within those districts there is a little more than 165 miles of hiking trails. There are hikes for every level of hiking abilities. Many of the hikes are accessed by some pretty rough roads just to get to the trailhead, but they all some unique value.

Saguaro National Park is not without dangers. Heat stroke, lightning, flash floods, poisonous snakes and an occasional mountain lion. There are guidelines are the park headquarters and it is important to read and follow all precautions.

Tanque Verde Ridge
The Tanque Verde Ridge trailhead is located at Javelina picnic in the east region. There is book located at the trailhead. The book is a safety feature. You write your name the number in your party and destination. The hike is 12.2 miles. This trail is a designated wilderness area and the only way to take the hike is by foot or horse. It is a carry in and carry out destination.

The Douglas Spring Trail
This trail is also located in the wilderness area. You enter the high desert and see more of the ponderosa pines, scrub oak and douglas fir.

Bridal Wreath Falls Trail
This hike is about 5.2 miles long. The waterfalls are seasonal waterfalls in the foothills of the Rincon Mountains.  It is a great hike even if the falls are not running.

The Freeman Homestead Trail is a one mile loop trail located near Javelina Picnic Area. There are signs that give information about early homesteading.  There are many small trails that sprout from the main trail. The main trail is accessible.

Mica Mountain is the highest summit in Saguaro National Park. The altitude is 8,666 feet above sea level. It is a magnificent sight and a lot of work and hiking to reach the desired goal. In order to make this happen you have to get permits to stay in the designated campgrounds and it take multiple days to reach the destination. This is a trip for experienced hikers only.

The Cactus Forest Trail system is in the Rincon Mountain District. There you will find 40 miles of interconnecting trails. The farther east you hike the more rugged the terrain and the more scenic the area becomes.

There many options. It is important to check in with Park Rangers and get the most updated information.