Greer Arizona: Home of the Fishing Derby and recreational sports of all kinds

Greer, Arizona is a beautiful mountain oasis in the White Mountains. It has mountain lakes, dense forests, clear waters, gentle breezes and provides unforgettable memories of fun outdoor activities. It is the home of the Fishing Derby. The town has great fishing, hiking, horseback riding, camping, skiing, and hunting areas.

Recreational town

The town  has an elevation of 8500 feet. The air here is cool and the temperature mild. Greer offers a wide variety of activities, but it also is a place to relax and enjoy the scenic wonders.


The Fishing Derby takes place in April. Trout is the type of fish featured. The lakes have Rainbow, Apache, and Brown Trout species. The Derby takes place at the Lazy Trout Pond. Organizers do not require fishermen at the Derby to have fishing licenses. The Derby starts with a breakfast and includes a BBQ lunch concluding with a dinner of fish entrees. The cost is a mere $10 for all that. All fishing is catch and keep. The sponsor is Molly Butler Lodge, which provides accommodation and a restaurant. The official time of the Derby is 12:30 to 2. The Awards ceremony is at 5. Three reservoirs and the Little Colorado River provide additional opportunities to catch trout. However, fishermen must have licenses to fish these areas.


Hikers will enjoy many trails that start from Greer. Locations include Squirrel Springs, West and East Fork, Pole Knoll, and Butler Canyon. The trails are not for hikers exclusively. They share them with horseback riders and mountain bikers. The East and West Fork trails follow the Little Colorado River. Steep climbs are part of the trail that goes for seven miles through forest and toward a meadow. Squirrel Springs is an easy to difficult hike that runs for fourteen miles. Butler Canyon is an easy trail that follows a stream. Pole Knoll is an eighteen-mile looping trail. It is a unique maze of trails that changes each time the user hikes or rides on it. Snow skiers find this a fantastic trail during the winter.


Visitors can camp near town at the Benny Creek Campground or at the Rolfe C Hoyer Campground. Campers wanting a remote experience can use Winn Campground or South Fork Campground. Campgrounds open in mid-May and close in October.  

Greer is a fun place to visit and play outdoors. Currently, only 41 lucky people make this small town their home. White people make up the majority of the population.