Best Places to Climb in Arizona

Arizona has many of the best places to climb. Granite Mountain, the Superstitions, Queen Creek, Mount Lemmon, and Cochise Stronghold all are excellent choices with crags that will withstand any pressure. Granite Mountain and the Superstitions are in the North. Queen Creek is in Central Arizona. Mt. Lemmon and Cochise Strong are in the South. Some areas have high elevations; others are canyon areas with creeks or rivers; and yet others are in the city center area of the state.

In Central Arizona, the most popular places are Prescott, Phoenix, and Apache. The Prescott area has the Watson Dell Lake cliffs to climb and Granite Mountain. Included in this area are also smaller rocks and granite boulders that less experienced climbers may enjoy. This place has good conditions year-round.

The Payton area has many creeks and canyons where climbers will want to go to escape the oppressive warm seasons. Isolation Canyon, Wet Beaver Creek, the Anchas, West Clear Creek, and East Verde are just a few.

The Phoenix area has favorite seasonal spots in the winter in the city limits. Try Pinnacle Peak or the McDowell Mountains. To the east, try the Superstition Mountains and Queen Creek Canyon.

Northern Arizona has some of the highest peaks to climb. Flagstaff and Paradise Forks are the areas of this region. This is also where much of the climbing in Arizona got its start, especially in the 1950s. Paradise Fork, The Overlook, Volunteer Canyon, The Waterfall in Oak Creek Canyon, along with Grand Canyon National Park, Hualapai Wall, and Sedona Overview are just some of the famous crags that climbers come to Northern Arizona to climb. Mogolion Rim, the San Francisco Peaks and the cliffs of the Colorado River offer many climb opportunities. Be prepared for snowy conditions in many of these locations.

Climbing in Southern Arizona, the Tucson area, includes vertical face climbing and lower angle climbing. This is the place to find Mount Lemmon and Cochise Stronghold. Many trad and heavily bolts lines make Cochise Stronghold a safe place to climb. Most people go to Mt. Lemmon or the Catalina Mountains. Most climbers go the crags within the Catalina Mountains. Rockfellow Dome, Cochise Stronghold, the Sheepshead and Windy Point are highly rated climbs in this area. Do not expect to find hard climbs in this region most range from 5.8 and 5.12. Those climbing 5.10 and 5.11 peaks will find no end to the opportunities here.