Best Cupcake Shops in Phoenix Arizona

You might not think in hot Arizona that you would find pastry chefs making some of the best cupcakes around, however don’t be so certain as Arizona is home to some of the very best in cupcake pastry chefs.

“Top-It” recently opened its doors in the Phoenix area and has been a big success with letting patrons pick and choose the toppings they would like on their cupcakes.  Top-It concentrates on making 8 cupcake flavors really tasty and yummy instead of having a long list of selections.

For those who want to top their cupcake themselves they can do so with the help of the topping bar which is loaded with different icings and all types of sprinkles. Many customers rave about the Boston Cream Pie flavored cupcake.

“Sweet Daddy’s” recently opened its second shop in Phoenix. They are best known for their triple chocolate and red velvet cupcakes. They have also been inspired by “Top-It” with concentrating on about a dozen flavors and mastering each ones yumminess instead of offering a long list of choices.

In Phoenix, “Sweet Things Cupcake Shop” is best known for their reasonable prices and excellent flavored cupcakes, featuring 8 different daily selections. On Tuesday stop by the shop and ask for the “Mick’s Monkey” cupcake which is a wonderful banana flavored cupcake with a chocolate milk frosting.

“Cupcake By Designs” offers a long list of flavors and are all decorated with what most would consider an artists eye. They are well known for their grouped together cupcakes that form the shape of an alligator, which is always a hit at any little boy’s birthday party.

“Jewels Cupcake Shop” is proving to be a success with offering their yummy baked goods without added gluten and sugar. They even feature a Vegan cupcake that is to die for. This quaint little shop located in the heart of Phoenix offers some of the best tasting cupcakes without ingredients that are difficult for some people to consume. It’s about time!

Their design work is very elegant and simple. They are best known for their “Salted Caramel” cupcake which has a cream cheese frosting with a caramel drizzle.

“Ollie Cupcakes” features cupcakes that are all organic and made with ingredients they obtain locally. Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, this wife and husband team not only bake some of the best cupcakes in town but you will not find better customer service anywhere else.

“Let Them Eat Cake” located in Phoenix has been around for almost thirty years now. They are known for a multitude of flavors and uniquely designed cupcakes. There’s a reason this family owned cupcake shop has been in the valley of the sun for almost 30 years and that’s what makes them cupcake experts.