A small town in the Prescott National Forest with a rich history

Jerome, Arizona has a rich mining history. Today, many artisans enjoy the town along with old-timers. Located in Prescott National Forest along Highway 89, the settlement has spectacular views and crowded streets and highways. The original builds add to Jerome’s charm. The museums contain detailed historical information.

Mining history

Copper was the first known mineral that miners excavated. The early Native Americans mined for the colored stones first. The Spaniards came next, but they wanted gold not copper. In 1883, mining operations by United Verde began mining the area. However, in 1876, the Anglos were the first to hold claims to the area. Then, the mining operations from many different countries added their cultural influences to the township. In 1953 when the mines closed, billions of dollars in ore had provided the miners their basic needs and more. Copper, gold, and silver were the three ores that people excavated and later sold. Fires, landslides and the changing times took their toll on the settlement and the mines closed. At its peak, the town had over 15,000 residents. The number fell to fifty in its worst days.

The Douglas Mansion and the Mine Museum offer a look back in time to Jerome’s copper mining town years. The winding streets pass by the historic plaques that interpret our rich history. James Stuart Douglas, owner of Little Daisy Mine, built his home on a hilltop. The residence became a historical landmark in 1976.


Thirty working studios and galleries contain original, one-of-a-kind creations revealing the town’s many talented Arizona artists. The Old Jerome High School gives insiders a view of the creative process. The township offers an art walk on the first Saturday of every month from 5 – 8 pm.


Historic renovated buildings add delight to Jerome’s restaurants. Some of the best food in the Verde Valley comes from this town. Fine dining to great American fare, Jerome caters to all palates.


Lovely bed and breakfasts and hotels provide select rooms with innkeepers ready to please. An early morning walk through this National Historic Landmark town starts the day off right.


Various venues on the weekend provide regular entertainment including jazz, rock, country, karaoke, blues, and flamenco. Great bands come to Jerome, and music festivals throughout the year bring world-class talent to the town.

Jerome is a pleasant small town. It makes a enjoyable place to visit not too far from Phoenix. Its desert scenery, Victorian and mining history, and numerous artists will draw visitors. Why not visit today?