A Rose Garden for the entire community in Mesa

The Rose Garden at Mesa Community College provides a relaxing free and public place to visit. The Garden is available to all of Mesa’s population as well as people from other places. They have a website set up for people with cellphones. The Garden is a community project making it possible for all schools to take part in it. Students use the garden as a scientific project to understand and fix problems in the rose garden.


The Rose Garden is the largest rose garden in the American desert southwest. It contains more than 9000 rose bushes in a wide array of colors. In 1997, Mesa Community College and Mesa East Valley Rose Society establish it. Volunteers and contributors made the garden what it is today. The Rose Garden developed in phases. The first phase occurred in 1997, the second in 2000. Two other phases including one with an emphasis on our military occurred during the interim. In 2000, the All-American Rose Selections approved the Rose Garden as test garden.


Volunteers, who work in the garden, learn about healthy cooking and local foods along with healthy living. The American Community Garden Association’s platform includes a desire that all people in the community have a part in providing a project where all can contribute and receive from its bounty.


As of 2012, people do not have to travel to Arizona to view the Rose Garden.  The website features a slideshow which includes music of the viewer’s choice and natural sounds that a regular visitor would hear. It is available on any cellphone. The slideshow runs continuously. However, it does not show the names of the roses for the places the viewer visits.


Besides being a test garden, the Rose Garden allows a place for people to retreat to away from the busy, pushy world. The fragrance from the rose and the quiet restores the body and provides a sense of peace. Sit on the benches, and enjoy the scents and sounds of the natural world.

The Rose Garden provides a satisfying break from the busy world. Supporters of the Rose Garden make it available to all, and the benefits from the project reach into many lives. The Rose Garden is a place for many community events including patriotic celebrations, music and dance performances, and art exhibits.