A Guide to the best Beauty Shops in Phoenix

Okay, so I’m a princess for salons and day spas, and when I visit Phoenix Arizona this is no exception. Upon my most recent trip to Phoenix I came across the Bare Paws Massage Co, hmm seemed interesting. Well I was most satisfied with my visit here and I will be recommending this place to all of my friends.

What makes Bare Paws salon & spa so cool? Well the staff is super friendly; they knew right away that I was an out of Towner. They offered me a basic massage for the price of twenty bucks; I was intrigued and decided to accept.

Well to start things off them using a tingly massage lotion, I was entranced to say the least. My masseuse was very talented as he moved his hands around my back; I was in complete heaven (even writing this guide).

Using various motions I could feel all of the pain in my back drifting away, this is embarrassing but I started to fall asleep. Bare Paws has a very calm atmosphere, the walls are colored orange which is original. They offer a variety of home spa products including the ever popular pedegg, which I neglected to purchase.

Some of the requirements for Bare Paw must be met, you must strip entirely down, and you must be reasonably clean since the masseuse will be touching you. I recommend wearing a pair of flip flops; I hate stinky feet when I get a massage. Blech!

Does my fashion sense count? When it comes to a wonderful day spa, YES! I love Bare Paws; they have a wonderfully friendly staff. The women are companionate and I haven’t had any of my belongings stolen, which is important when you talking about authentic D&G shades. Yes I am a label whore, but I thoroughly enjoyed my massage.

The business hours are reasonable, and I was able to book an appointment the same day. Bare Paws is very popular and was crowded during my visit, so I recommend scheduling an appointment before visiting. They offer free refreshments and snacks during and before your massage, so come with an empty stomach. I’m not fat but when they offered me a snickers I was quite happy, and yes I’m a cheap date.

Helpful, friendly, knowledgeable staff makes Bare Paws day salon a wonderful experience. If you’re ever in the Phoenix area give this salon a try! You won’t be sorry.