The best Places to go on a first Date in Anchorage Alaska

You’ve fallen in love and you want to take your date to a place that’s fun filled yet romantic. Head to the Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria at 3300 Old Seward Highway in Anchorage, (907) 258-2537 for a great time. Not only is the Moose’s Tooth a winner in the best pizza category, they’ve also conquered the best beer category offering 18 different beers made at their own brewery. The prices are great, the dcor is warm and appealing, and since it’s a first date, maybe spending too much money might not be on the agenda, so beer and pizza is a good way to go. It’s inexpensive, fun, and easy going. The menu spans many items offering a variety of salads, Smoked Salmon, Philly Cheese Steaks, Mozzarella Bread Sticks and much more. Go to to get more information.

An affiliate to the Moose’s Tooth is the Bear Tooth Theatre and Pub, which is on the mountain next to the Moose’s Tooth on the Alaska Range. A movie is a great way to break the ice on a first date and with over 12,000 square feet of theatre space and lobby and 400 seats to choose from, you can snuggle up into the seats of your choice and settle into a great movie because they offer a great selection of movies. A fantastic bonus to the Bear Tooth Theatre and Pub is that you can bring your beer, wine, and food right into the theatre with you and enjoy your meal while you catch a great flick. That is very cool! The movie seats have tables right in front of them, so no need to worry where you’ll set your drinks and food. If you happen to be under 21 and going on your first date, the theatre is age conscious with areas suitable for particular ages as liquor is not served to those under 21. Great food, great service and great flicks! You’ll love it!

If music is more to your liking, then head over to Humpy’s Great Alaskan Alehouse, 610 West 6th Ave and F St. Anchorage, (902) 276-2337. If breakfast is your preference for a first date, Humpy’s has a wonderful selection from Crab Cake Bennie (a sort of Eggs Benedict) to Frittatas to Fruit Plates. Lunch and dinner menus consist of superb burgers, steaks, salmon, salads and just about any meal you desire. An added bonus to your meal will be the live music shows Humpy’s provides. Great musicians like Dan Lesperance, The Junta, Full Tilt, Luminous Flesh Giants, JD Cox, and Deadliest Catch are regulars at Humpy’s. If music and dancing are an attraction to you or your date, get over to Humpy’s. Another treat is open mic every Sunday at 8PM with Johnny Utah hosting. Maybe you’d like to sing your first date a little ditty of a love song? That might be a sure winner to garner a second date. Find out more at

Okay, food and drink are good, but you just know you want to dance and listen to music. Get over to Chilkoot Charlie’s at 1071 West 25th Avenue, Anchorage (9070 279-1692. Koot’s will provide you with an entire night of grooving and moving, fast and slow, to any kind of music you love. The Garage Boys Band, Aclarion, Left of Centre, Ettinger Reloaded, Letters In Red are all great bands that will awe you into dancing or sitting arm in arm listening. Check them out at

If pubs aren’t your thing and you’d like to take your first date to a fancier venue, check out the romantic Historic Anchorage Hotel at 330 E Street, Anchorage, (907) 272- 4553. You can settle into the quaint, rich bar area and sip a cool drink while you chat and get to know one another without the noise and clutter of others to disrupt you. After chatting, you can walk around Anchorage and window shop while you carry on in conversation. Go to and see if this might appeal to you.

There are a million things to do on a first date, so if it’s summer, consider taking your date on an eco tour, or go fishing, bird watching, berry picking, or maybe golfing under a midnight sun would be up your alley! How romantic is that? Rafting, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, mushroom picking are all fantastic things to do and would make a great memorable first date and whichever you choose to do on the first date, think of all the rest of these opportunities for further dates.

If it’s winter, consider ice fishing, ice skating, sledding, snowboarding, snowshoeing, skiing, or even just watching the northern lights dance across the midnight sky. After your date, cozy up next to each other in the warm lighted bar at the Historic Anchorage Hotel, sip warm rum cider and talk about your great first date. Check out the website above or ask the front desk for information regarding any of the outdoor activities you prefer taking your first date on. They’d be more than happy to accommodate you.

If a more intelligent date is in order for the first date, consider taking your date to the Alaska Botanical Garden where you can amaze at the gorgeous array of flowers and foliage of Anchorage, or go to the Alaska Center of the Performing Arts and enjoy the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra or the Anchorage Opera. The Alaska Native Heritage Center would be a great place to go on a first date and promotes great discussions about the past. Outdoors is always a freeing experience, so perhaps taking your date to the Chugach State Park http://dnr.alaska.gove/units/chugach/ would be a thrilling day of hiking, exploring and talking! Check out the fascinating spruce trees, wildlife, foliage, waterfalls, and all that nature has to offer. Nature in and of itself is a very romantic setting for love and ensures great memories in the making.

There are so many different ways to impress a first date and make it a memorable occurrence for you both that will easily segue into a second, third and fourth date. If that happens, you’ve found love and what better place to find love than in the thrilling city of Anchorage, Alaska.