Good Eats in Anchorage Hidden Gem Restaurants in Ak

First dates are stressful enough without worrying about where to go to enjoy a relaxing evening. Several restaurant choices in Anchorage, Alaska will take the stress out of your first date worries and leave you with little to do but pick up the tab.

If your first date includes more than coffee or a drink, then choose a quiet restaurant with soft music that doesn’t overwhelm your conversation. Since first dates are a time to talk and get to know each other, a slow relaxing venue is best to provide time for one-on-one conversation. If tonight goes well, you and your date can enjoy an evening at a dance club, concert or open microphone night at your favorite pub another day.

Top of the list for a relaxing dinner is Villa Nova, an authentic Italian restaurant at 5121 Arctic Boulevard. This is a perfect first date choice with subtle lighting. Like the famous line from Goldilocks and The Three Bears, the lighting is not too dark. It’s not too bright. It is just right.

Besides perfect lighting, the food is excellent and the wait staff allows customers time to enjoy their dining experience without making them feel rushed. One caution, if the evening ends with a good night kiss, make sure both of you choose something from the menu that is laced with garlic. Otherwise the perfect start to the evening could be over before you set-up a second date.

A close second to Villa Nova as a first date destination is the Glacier Brewhouse at 737 West Fifth Avenue in downtown Anchorage. The menu features Alaskan seafood as well as a broad choice of American fare. This restaurant boasts the only alder wood fired rotisserie in Alaska. Seating includes both booths and tables. If you feel more comfortable in a booth, by all means ask for one.

The Glacier Brewhouse is recognized for its award winning Big Woody Barleywine brew. Great to have a taste of a local legendary beer, but don’t overdo it. This restaurant has been named one of Alaska’s ten best local secrets/big finds by

Feeling tongue tied and a little shy? Looking for a dining experience with a little staged activity in case the conversation drags? Then you may want to spend the evening at the Snow Goose Restaurant and Sleeping Lady Brewery at 712 West Third Avenue.

The Snow Goose is located on the second and third floor of the former Elks Lodge building in downtown Anchorage. Opened in 1996, the brewery and restaurant blend casual and fine dining for their patrons. If the weather permits, choose outdoor seating on the deck. If there is a lull in the conversation, you can always talk about the view of Ship Creek and Cook Inlet.

If weather forces your date inside, don’t worry. There will still be other topics to keep the conversation flowing. Whether you talk about the live music acts performing at the Snow Goose or the history of the building, there will still be plenty to talk about. Once a hive of activity for members of the local Elks Club, the building housed a private bar and ballroom on the top floor and a gym and six lane bowling alley on the second floor. If you get desperate for something to say, remember the tops of the dining tables are made from flooring salvaged when workers removed the bowling alley from the building. This tidbit of local lore may be enough to keep both of you talking.

Once dinner is over, if weather permits and the flowers are in bloom, wrap up your evening with a stroll along downtown streets between Second and Sixth Avenues. It’s easy to see why Anchorage has been called the Hanging Basket Capital of the World, with its 425 flower baskets suspended above the streets.

Take in the sight of the golden triploid marigolds and sapphire trailing lobelia adorning Anchorage’s streetscape. The colors represent the colors of the Alaskastate flag, a tribute to the state’s celebration marking a half century of statehood. This is the perfect note on which to end your first date.