First Date Spots in Anchorage Alaska

Now that you have secured the first date, you need a plan. When planning a first date, you don’t want it to be too loud. You want to be able to hear each other while having a good time. However, you don’t want it to be a completely quiet time, like going to the movies. Finding the perfect ambiance for your first date in Anchorage, Alaska is an easy task. There are plenty of romantic spots.

The perfect spot for a nice romantic dinner would be Club Paris. It is not some big noisy club as the name might have you think. Instead, it is a romantic classic atmosphere with high quality food. As first dates go, you want some place where you can relax and really get to know each other. Cozy up in a booth under the dim lighting and just get to know each other. There is no rush to get you out the door after you finish your meal. You and your date will not be disappointed with the food either. A popular meal would be the bleu cheese stuffed filet or the steak au poivre. When you head over to 417 W 5th Ave, just be sure to make reservations ahead of time. Club Paris is not a secret when it comes to the ambiance or the food.

Another great dinner option is Crush Wine Bistro & Cellar. If you have a love of good wine, good food, and good conversation, this restaurant encompasses it all. Although the focus of the restaurant, which is more of a tapas bar, is on the wine, as evidenced by the dcor, the food is nothing to sneeze at. Whether you are looking for some comfort food, like baked macaroni and cheese or something more exotic like salmon latkes or empanada, you will find something that will satisfy your taste buds. If you have any room at the end of dinner, the bread pudding is a favorite. There is no rush with the meal so you and your date will enjoy relaxing. The music is a jazz-like worldly music, loud enough to hear, but not loud enough to interrupt your budding conversation. You will find Crush at 343 W. 6th Avenue and they start serving dinner at 5:30pm.

Not all first dates include dinner. Plan a date for Saturday afternoon and head to the Anchorage Weekend Market. Not only can you stroll through the booths, enjoying each other’s company and learning more about each other. With the many local artists and traditional Native art, it is like being in an outdoor museum. You’ll also have endless entertainment from the local musicians. You can top your afternoon off with a stop at the fortune teller. What better way to get to know each other than with a look into the future. No need to go hungry either, because Salmon Express turns up some salmon quesadillas that are out of this world. The Anchorage Weekend Market is found on 3rd and E Street and runs from May through September. It runs from 10:00am until 6:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Now that you have experienced your first date, you know if you are going to be planning a second date. If you clicked, you picked the right ambiance and the right person, so get ready to enjoy the relationship ride of a lifetime.