Best Bars in Anchorage Alaska

Alaska, land of the midnight sun and long cold winters. Where every woman knows that the odds are good, but the goods are odd. Nowhere in the state is that more true than in the local bars, however, they all look better after a few HotShots with Whiskey/Coke chasers.

So, where do you go when you are looking for a few hours of fun and entertainment in Anchorage Alaska? That kind of depends on what you think fun and entertainment are. Anchorage has far more bars and nightclubs than I could hope to cover in a single article, and because of the limitations of article length I can guarantee there are going to be a few gems nestled around the city or within a few hours drive of Anchorage, that I have left off this list.

I’m not sure how to tell you the best places to go without knowing what your definition of a ‘good bar’ is, so I am going to divide this list into a few categories based on venue types. Sports bar, party bars, family friendly bars, and so on.


Chilkoot Charlie’s … what can be said about Chilkoot Charlie’s?

If you check out their official website’s history page ( you will learn most of what there is to know about what kind of place Koot’s is – from being a sprawling Winchester Mansion style bar where the construction never ends, to “what’s up with the underwear!?!?!” Koots is… unique. Currently in its 39th year, Koots has become a bit of a legend that any bar-hopper needs to at least stop in and experience when they are in Alaska.

The atmosphere is eclectic. What do you say about a bar that has ten bars that range in atmosphere from a 1940’s Swing Bar where black and white movies play on the TV’s to the Bird House where there is signed underwear adorning the walls? You can find out a lot about Koots by bellying up to the bar in South Long. The original bar at Chilkoot’s, this 20 yard long bar is covered with pictures from the past near 40 years. And Chilkoot’s does not just offer standard bar fare, they are the home of Sal’s New York Grill & Catering.

Location: 2435 Spenard Rd, Anchorage

Tip: You might want to print out the floor plan before you go

Platinum Jaxx

Part nightclub, part sportbar, part restaurant Platinum Jaxx spends its weekdays looking like a nice quiet place to get a bite to eat and maybe hold a meeting, but come the weekend… Platinum Jaxx is a party bar that takes its parties out into the airwaves with a live radio broadcast of their Friday and Saturday parties.

Among all of its other best kept secrets are Sunday Salsa lessons. Check out their website linked below for all the details on this more than meets the eye bar.

Location: 901 West 6th Avenue


Rum Runner’s
Located close to the 5th Avenue Mall in Anchorage, Rum Runners is now under new ownership.

Since January 2009 the Rum Runner’s website has been running a poll asking patrons what their favorite part of Rum Runner’s is – food and friendly staff have topped the votes as of this writing.

I can’t say a lot about the new Rum Runner’s, but from the things I have seen said about it Rum Runner’s looks like a good family friendly place with good food and great drinks.

Location: 415 E Street

The Peanut Farm
The Peanut Farm began back in 1958, and peanut shells were there (in the flooring) right from the start at the 1962 opening. Evolving over the years, the Peanut Farm now has an 80 foot bar and numerous (we’re talking 70+ here folks) projection and flat screens in the 20,000 foot building to make sure that everyone can see every moment of the action when watching the game.

Talking about their sports viewing options, their website says: “If it’s not here, good luck finding it anywhere else in Anchorage!”

Location: 5227 Old Seward Hwy

Tip: Just to be sure you get to see the event of your choice, call ahead just to double check they’ll be tuned in to it.
Check their website for a printable menu


Kodiak Bar & Grill

The Kodiak was founded by long time life partners Doug and Kalvin, who had a vision for showing just how classy and upscale an alternative lifestyle bar could be.

The Klondike has some regularly scheduled activities throughout the week, including Monday night football, Karaoke on Tuesdays, Drag Queen bingo on Wednesday and movie night on Thursday.

Location: 225 East 5th Avenue



“For beer lovers, by beer lovers”. A downtown ale house, Humpy’s was voted “Best Beer Selection” in 2008. If you have a love for beer, then this is a must stop for you when you are in Anchorage.

Sunday is open mic night, and the rest of the weekend offers activities that range from pop quizzes to sports broadcasts.

Location: 610 West 6th Ave and F Street

Moose’s Tooth

The Mooses Tooth offers beer and pizza – no, make that award winning beer. Any lover of fine beer should stop by and sample some of their beers, from Alpenglow Amber to Raspberry Wheat there is a brew for every pallet.

Location: 3300 Old Seward Hwy

Glacier Brewhouse

Glacier Brewhouse is more than just beers, they also brew their own special sodas including root beer, cream soda and orange cream soda. You can find their brews in a wide variety of establishments throughout Alaska and select locations in Washington, but there is nothing quite like enjoying dinner and a beer at the place where the beer is made. Check out their website for all the details of the wide variety of Alaskan beers that they brew – I’m sure you’ll add them to your list of best beer places to be sure you visit when in Alaska.

Location: 5th Avenue – between H. and G. Street


Great Alaskan Bush Company

This is one of several Anchorage adult entertainment bars with exotic dancers. No cover charge, but you must purchase at least one drink (non-alcoholic is okay). Strictly enforced 21+ age limit. No cameras allowed.

If you wish to learn more, visit their website.



Remember folks, Alaska wants you to get home safe and have an enjoyable time as you are here, so please, don’t forget to have a designated driver, or to please ask your kind bartender to help you arrange a ride home or to your motel room. Thanks!