A Guide to the Anchorage Market Festival

In its 17th season,and running stronger every year, is the Anchorage Market & Festival at 741 East 13th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501, (907) 272-5634.  An annual event that draws tens of thousands of people every summer. Locals and tourists alike settle into a day of fun, food, and music in the beautiful city of Anchorage, Alaska. The Anchorage Market & Festival is one of the highest drawing events of the year.

With over 300 vendors hawking their wares, you’re bound to find something you simply must have. Choose from candles, scented soaps, jewelry, ceramics, clothing, and a host of other products, all of them finely crafted and many of them homemade. Locals know that the produce is the best in town from the fresh homemade Birch Syrup to the freshest eggs in town. Tourists know that if they want to bring gifts back to their home state that represent the finest city in Alaska, the beautiful and ever prospering Anchorage, the Anchorage Market & Festival is the ideal place to pick up any souvenirs, trinkets, and packaged candies and other food products. Music, always a true representation of a city and its culture, is another excellent commodity to purchase via CDs at the festival.

It’s easy to find the Anchorage Market & Festival for it is positioned in the core of downtown Anchorage on seven glorious acres that offer up any kind of merchandise you could possibly hope for. What better way to bring Alaska into your home but by purchasing artifacts that will instill the nature, calm, uniqueness and beauty that Anchorage is.

The market is free admission to all and offers a vast array of fascinating products to purchase. Not only will the products you’ll buy be unique and spectacular, but the fantastic food to consume is outstanding. While you’re resting enjoying your fine meal, you can soak up the vibrant, colorful music of the live entertainment provided you. For free! Another great bonus is that the music plays uninterrupted all day long and along with the music comes a throng of beautiful, talented dancers who clog their way to the tunes of Middle-Eastern, Irish, and Alaskan Native music. To complement this taste-of-the-world collage of music are local bands, choirs, quartets, trios, and even glee clubs!

The Anchorage Market & Festival stage also brings you (for free!) comedians to make you laugh, poets to bring a nostalgic tear of love to your eye, and many other forms of superb entertainment that will make your days in Anchorage memory packed. And even if you don’t stop to watch a local band play or a duo sing, buskers stroll the aisles of the festival with their instruments playing and singing, so you’re always being entertained musically, one way or the other.

If you should happen to be in Anchorage on July 26th, 2009 and you just happen to be a grandma or just happen to have the finest grandma around, then you need to get over to the Anchorage Market & Festival to enter your loving grandmother into the Gorgeous Grandma Pageant! A stunning prize basket and the right to wear the title of Gorgeous Grandma of 2009 is just waiting for you! This is also an annual pageant, so if you should miss it this year, you’ll catch it next year. That same day of July 26th, 2009 also offers Salsa Dance Lessons onstage and a juggler named George Faust. Every day offers something different at the Anchorage Market & Festival and every day is filled with tremendous amusement and a variety of different entertainers.

Consider these compelling reasons to frequent the Anchorage Market & Festival several times during the season:

Eat Local (Alaskan Halibut, oysters, salmon and more)

Eat World Cuisine (Thai, African, Pakistani and more)

Free Admission

Crafts Tents (Jewelry, Paintings, Clothing, Music, Trinkets and more)

Free Entertainment (Music and Dance)

Kid’s Market

Fresh Alaska Grown Produce

It’s just all-out entertaining for family, friends, locals, and tourists in a completely safe environment. Honestly, there’s no way to go to the Anchorage Market & Festival and not have tons of fun.