Things to do in Huntsville Ala. in the fall

The Deep South. The Heart of Dixie. Passion-sweating belles of the New South. It’s all conjured when Huntsville, Ala. crosses the mind. Every season in the South is great but fall offers something almost holy in thought and feel. As the heavy North Alabama air begins its slow descent from balmy ninety-plus degree heat to a more tolerable 75 degrees at high noon and a crisp fifty-eight long after the sun sets toward the Shoals, that is when the heart begins to flutter with a traditional romanticism about the autumn months in Alabama.

Huntsville, Alabama, situated in the foothills of the ancient Appalachian Mountain range in North Alabama is synonymous with space flight, rockets, NASA and engineers who still don pocket protectors even when they are hanging out at the local bar at happy hour. There is something very unromantic about scientific mumbo-jumbo even if it is the stuff Huntsville’s economy is built upon. Placing boring Einstein-type equations aside, Huntsville in the fall has more to offer in activities for most any taste. A top ten list of thing to do in Huntsville, Alabama in the fall would not be accurate, subjective or responsible. No one could possibly say this activity or that activity could, would or should be number one on the list so the following is a list of many top activities that are enjoyable in the fall of the year in Rocket City, U.S.A.

High school football: Every Friday night beginning in late August, the many Huntsville (and surrounding area) high school football teams take to field for gridiron warfare. High school football in the South is a religion. Almost everyone in North Alabama has a favorite high school football team. On any given Friday evening in the fall, football stadiums all across Huntsville fill to the brims with football fanatics cheering on their teenaged heroes combating each other like gladiators in a Roman colosseum. There is something about the scent of freshly cut grass mingling with the chill of the fall air in a high school football stadium on a Friday night in Huntsville. Anyone care for a hotdog or a hot cup of coffee from the concession stand?

Pumpkin patches: A fall family favorite in the Huntsville area is its many pumpkin patches. Some of the best patches are located in and around Huntsville. Due to North Alabama’s traditionally agricultural heritage, Huntsville boasts of real working farms and their pumpkin patches. One of the best patches is located just a mile and a half outside the Huntsville city limits near the Meridianville community. Tate Farm’s Cotton Pickin’ Pumpkins has much to offer parents and their children (toddlers to 12-year-old). Tate Farm is a real farm growing mostly cotton. Activities surrounding fall include hayrides, friendly animals that children can interact with and of course pumpkins! Pick ’em, paint ’em and take ’em home for display as jack-o-lanterns! Tate Farm’s Cotton Pickin’ Pumpkins is open to the public from late September to approximately Halloween (depending on the year). Admission is about $10.

Ghost hunting: As the air cools and the days become shorter, Halloween is sure to be near. Huntsville, one of Alabama’s oldest cities is well known as a favorite haunt for ghosts, spirits and other supernatural beings. Huntsville’s history and the sheer age of the town makes for a fun evening of ghost hunting. Many of the more haunted areas of Huntsville are off limits after sunset, but these same places are just as eerie in daylight hours. The Halloween season stirs the child within and creates a longing for many to get a good, old fashioned scare. Huntsville does offer a guided ghost walk on select evenings through the fall. The walk begins in downtown Huntsville and features many of the old original houses in historic Huntsville as well as several businesses on Huntsville’s courthouse square.

The cemetery stroll: Maple Hill Cemetery is considered by many historians as one of the South’s oldest and largest municipal cemeteries. Maple Hill boasts of storing the remains of many prominent historical figures of Alabama like former governors, politicians, musicians, Civil War heroes, a witch, a prize-winning cow and Huntsville’s most famous madame. Maple Hill hosts an annual cemetery stroll in the fall with a guided tour and actors and actresses dressed in costumes of various periods in the history of Huntsville. These actors portray some of the famous people resting in Maple Hill Cemetery. The City of Huntsville encourages people to come and visit Maple Hill and enjoy its beautiful landscapes, hand carved monuments and some of the most elaborate mausoleums anywhere in America.

Romance: The cool of a Huntsville evening in the fall is the perfect time of the year to ignite the flames of passion. All you need is a willing accomplice! (This one should be number one!)

There is so much to do and see in Huntsville year round but fall is truly a magical time for history buffs, adventurers, daytrippers and hopeless romantics. Visit Huntsville and discover the gentle charm of the South at harvest time.