One of the best Mexican restaurants in Huntsville Alabama

Tasting the culinary wares from south of the border is as close as Huntsville, Alabama. With nearly five dozen Mexican restaurants in Huntsville, it would take an avid Mexican food enthusiast about well over a month to sample each and every Mexican restaurant inside the city limits. And to dine at every Mexican food establishment in the Huntsville metro area, a patron would be eating Mexican fare for well over six months. And that’s eating two meals a day.

Every Mexican dining establishment in Huntsville is turly unique. No two Mexican restaurants are exactly the same. The proprietors of the different Mexican dining facilities come from various regions in Mexico and every area of that country has its own unique way of preparing even the most general of Mexican dishes. Some are spicier than others and another might have dishes that no other restaurant serves. Some of the Latino food businesses are simple cafes and others are exquisite in every detail and offer upscale fine dining with a flair.

One of the best Mexican restaurants in Huntsville is the Patio Grill. The Patio Grill features international grilled food from not only Mexico but other Latino nations like Cuba, Argentina, Spain, Puerto Rico and Central America. It is not the typical Mexican fare one would expect to find amid the average humdrum Mexican burrito-slinging grease pits infesting Huntsville. The Patio Grill is a breath of fresh air with its relaxing decor, soft music and its professional friendly staff.

Some of the more popular dishes served at Patio Grill is the Cuban pork chops, the Argentinian Empanadas and the classic Mexican Chile Relleno. Whether it’s lunch or dinner you crave, the Patio Grill serves mouthwatering Latino fare seven days a week. And most dishes are priced right at $6.99. The Patio Grill is a family-friendly atmosphere with no smoking and no alcohol is served.

The Patio Grill uses only the freshest ingredients and everything is absolutely homemade. Much of the ingredients are imported daily from countries in Latin America. The Patio Grill features a huge selection of vegetarian-friendly entrees. Some patrons call the cuisine “Latin American Health Food” since it is very fresh but there is no comprimising the taste. Once you dine at Patio Grill, you will taste the difference and it will be difficult to not go back for seconds and thirds.

The Patio Grill is located at 10099 South Memorial Parkway in Huntsville, beside Firehouse Antiques. The Patio Grill is open 7 days a week from 11 am until 9 pm. The phone number is 256-489-2569. While you’re there, say hello to Armando the owner!