Huntsville Big Jam Music Festival is a not to be missed event for all ages.

Seventeen Years and Counting.  Huntsville’s Big Jam music festival sponsored by Huntsvilles’ heritage foundation is the city’s premier music festival as well as one of the largest music festivals held in the Southeastern United States.

This is a don’t miss music extravaganza for music lovers. This out door festival held at the Big Springs International Park in Huntsville every September offers three days of non stop musical entertainment, on five stages with 65 live performances in all. From early morning until midnight you can listen to big name bands, not so big name bands, and never heard of bands who have all come together to provide great music to young and old alike.

Alabama’s own Randy Owens will be joined by such big name country stars as Trace Adkins and Sara Evans along with many others to bring country music lovers together to hear some of the best country music of modern times. While Bradley Walker is sure to hold Blue grass music lovers enthralled with his performance.

Rock Fans will have their choice of Alternative or classic rock with such names as Blue Craves, Hewy

Lewis and the News and the always fun to sing along with Village People.

Akron will be just one of the big names in Hip hop music for the younger crowd and those young at heart to enjoy.

There are also wonderful performances by Christian groups as well as a variety of children’s music for the youngest music lover to enjoy.

For those of you who fancy yourself a singer you can take part in the Karaoke as well.

Whether you enjoy listening to the great music, trying your hand at performing yourself, or just people watching the Big Jam music festival should be right up your alley.

The best part of the Big Jam festival is the price of admission. For just $45.00 you can enjoy all three days of fun and music, or if you prefer you can purchase a one day ticket in advance for $25.00 or $30.00 at the gate.

You can also celebrate attending this event by purchasing a tee shirt, or visiting the booths set up by local businesses, television and radio and cashing in on some of the free souvenirs such as bumper stickers, pens, pencils, cup holders, and other small items set out for the public.

Vendors of course will be on the premises with many items to quench your thirst and tempt your palate should you require a little sustenance throughout the day. Make sure you bring a little extra cash with you though, while the fare for the music itself is more than reasonable, food and drink are a bit on the pricey side.

You also get the pleasure of knowing that the proceeds from this festival goes to some worthy causes and charities. In the past 16 years the Big Jam festival has donated over million dollars to the arts, and social and human services. They are continuing that tradition and this year, they are also giving two $1000.00 scholarships to qualifying individuals.

Big Jam helps local businesses as well. With between 100,000 and 200,000 people attending this event annually hotels and motels thrive over this three day weekend as do restaurants and others businesses.

If you live close to the Huntsville area there is still time to catch this years festival which runs from September 25 through the 27. For the rest of you plan on attending next years Big Jam and enjoy the best music available anywhere.