Huntsville, Ala. autumn events

Fall has come, and it’s time to hunt for things to do in Huntsville, Ala.. This is always a welcome time of the year because the weather has cooled off, and for the first time in several months, you can enjoy being outdoors again. You suddenly feel rejuvenated after the hot, humid summer, and you are ready to get out of the house and do something. Here are some fall activity ideas to help you get started.

The Scarecrow Trail

This event is held during the months of September and October. The scarecrows are carefully made and designed by local businesses, special groups and individuals. The staff from Huntsville Botanical Garden places them along the trail throughout the garden for visitors to enjoy. You will be amazed at the variety of scarecrows you will see. During the weekends you can, also, try your luck at the sorghum maze, take a hayride and enjoy the other special events that are offered during these two months.


Bootanica is held the Saturday before Halloween. The main feature of the evening is a costume contest for adults, children and dogs! The rest of the evening is filled with enjoyable activities such as games, face painting, apple bobbing, a hayride, the sorghum maze, games and spooky activities for the kids in the Children’s Garden. You definitely won’t want to miss the enchanted forest walk. It gets scarier every year. When you find yourself nearly scared to death and shaking in your shoes, you can relax by the fireside and eat smores.

Halloween horse parade and garden trick or treat 

This is another activity offered by the Huntsville Botanical Garden, and it takes place on Halloween. The Toney Saddle Club riders present a parade of horses and riders all decked out in Halloween costumes. The children are invited to wear their costumes and trick or treat in the Children’s Garden when the parade is over.

Huntsville corn maze

You won’t want to miss the adventure of trying to find your way through the Huntsville corn maze. It is open from the middle of September through the middle of November. Every weekend during October you can get scared to death in the Haunted Corn Maze beginning at dusk and continuing until everyone has found their way out. Plan on spending at least an hour trying to work your way through the maze. Other activities include a hayride, a ride on the cow train through the corn maze and the kiddy courtyard with lots of fun things for children to do.

There are many other fall activities that are available, and you can find out about them by contacting the local library and the Chamber of Commerce. There are so many possibilities that you won’t lack for things to do in Huntsville, Ala. in the fall.