Guide to Public Parks in Birmingham Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama is a fantastic city with all the classic charm and beauty you would expect to see surrounding you, all tucked in at the base of the Appalachian Mountains. There are many things to do as a visitor to this fair city, and for the people who enjoy living and working here there are many public parks to indulge in during their free time. The ones listed below are a few to consider for a day of fun.

“Vulcan Park & Museum”

Located at: 1701 Valley View Road

This park has scenic views to offer the weary traveler, and is home to the largest cast iron statue to date. It is a grand statue to the Roman God of fire “Vulcan”. There are towers to catch breathtaking views of the landscape, or maybe you would prefer to hike on a designated trail.

“Botanical Gardens”

Located at: 2612 Lane Park Road

Here you can take a guided tour through the lush tropical surroundings, buy a souvenir for a friend in the gift shop, or maybe find a good book in the in-house library then sip a cool refreshing drink in the cafe’. This facility even plays host to some gorgeous weddings and receptions in the gardens.

“Tannehill Iron Works Historical State Park”

Located at: 12632 Confederate Parkway

This sprawling fifteen hundred acre park covers three different counties and is home to its own grist mill, cotton gin, miniature railroad, and craft shops in the old pioneer cabins. You can also hike, camp and picnic in this beautiful park  that offers a history lesson while you tour around the property, taking a look back in time and how things were made long ago.

“Kelly Ingram Park”

Located at: 16th & 17th street and between 5th and 6th avenue.

A historic site for the “Civil Rights” movement, the area has several different statues depicting  some of the attacks on the demonstrators of the time. One very heart tugging statue is of a little boy, who had actually been imprisoned and served time in prison for being a part of a demonstration.

Finding a wonderful outdoor area to spend quality time and being one with nature is an easy endeavor to accomplish here in Birmingham, Alabama. Great historical sites to take in, museums, art, and all served up with typical southern hospitality from the people you may meet in the parks, or on a local tour of the area.