Community assistance available through area churches in Huntsville Al

In the wake of the recent twister in northern Alabama, area churches are once again pooling their resources to offer community assistance to needy residents.  Thus, if you are a resident of the greater Huntsville area and fit the eligibility requirements, then the Huntsville Assistance Program will work with you toward providing you with the relief that you need.

HAP started in 2002 when the area was struck by Katrina.  The devastation wrought by that natural upsurge of nature’s wrath then was astronomical.  Yet, a consortium of 15-churches came together in the metro area to form a collective (cooperative) resource to meet the needs of its’ poorest residents.

The hours of operation are Mondays through Fridays with calls for financial assistance Wednesdays from 1-3 pm; interviews are slated from 1-4 pm.  Also, HAP disburses food M-W-F from 1-3:30 pm.  Walk-ins are also accepted, but they must go through the intake process and meet the eligibility requirements like everybody else.

HAP is located at 406 1/2 C Governors Drive in southwest Huntsville.  The telephone number for which to request assistance is 256-539-2320.  Clients are seen by appointment only, and must bring two forms of positive ID’s with them on the day of their appointments.

Additionally, HAP has established itself as a venerable organization with an international presence; also, it has attained the 501 (c) nonprofit status.  Being the preferred resource that people turn to to have their needs met have never been greater:  With weekly allotments of $500-$800 payments going to recipients who have been displaced due to unemployment, foreclosure as well as natural catastrophes is a testament to the viability of HAP as a premier human service organization. 

Anyone who fits the eligibility requirements for needy individuals and families in the community will have a generous shoulder to lean on.

For those who wants to become regular financial contributors may do so by mailing a check to the corporate headquarters at the above address; or, you may submit financial donations online via HAP’s website.

HAP has grown to 73-churches and continues to be a beacon of hope for those teeming lives in and around Greater Huntsville who has found the still sluggish economy to be a major downfall for them.  So if you want to become a financial donor to a venerable human service organization, then now is your chance to put your money where your heart ought to be.