An overview of the Garden District neighborhood in Montgomery Al

The Garden District is sure to be a college neighborhood since it is located across the street on the west side of Alabama State University. It is a perfectly rectangular neighborhood. The four borders are South Decatur Street on the east side (which turns into Norma Bridge Road towards the south), East Fairview Avenue on the south end, South Court Street on the west, and, on the north border, cuts across Winnie Street, and East Jeff Davis Avenue. For more detailed location information, click here.

Lomax Hannon Bible College is located on the north end of the Garden District, along with the Montessori Academy. The Governor’s Mansion is on the west side of town. To the north of the neighborhood is the Civil Rights Memorial and Court Square Plaza Shopping Center. Bruce Park, Oakwood Cemetery, and Paterson Field are all located in this area as well. To the east is the Montgomery Country Club, Remount Park Cemetery, the Jackson Hospital and Clinic, Country Club Shopping Center, Huntingdon College, Westminster Shopping Center, and Taylor Field. The Faircourt Shopping Center, Bellingrath Park, Cloverland Shopping Center, and the Normandale Shopping Center are all to the south of the Garden District neighborhood. To the west is the Fairview Plaza Shopping Center, and Western Hills and Washington parks. The closest freeway is Interstate 85 to the north, though a few miles to the west is Interstate 65/Highway 82.

This being a very big college neighborhood, incomes are very low between $12,000 and $38,000 per year. The neighborhood is just over ½ square miles with over 1,600 people residing here. As one would predict in a college neighborhood, there are many young children and young adults. Though there are many middle-aged people, there are almost no elderly people here at all. The ethnicity groups are almost split 50/50 between Caucasians and African-Americans, though one other ethnicity group does exist here. Income levels are, as expected, lower than average. The median income per year in the entire city of Montgomery is just over $40,000, where the median income for the Garden District in just over $30,000 per year. Houses are priced very low, though some go over the hundreds of thousands. Lower priced houses are under $50,000. For more detailed demographic information, click here.

The crime rating for Montgomery, Alabama is 5 out of a possible 100, where 100 is the best possible score. The Garden District is somewhat split between the worst and somewhat better crime. It is not recommended for families with children, though many seem to live in the southern area. If you can afford to live in a different, outlying neighborhood, it is recommended to do so. Still, this is a historic city, and the Garden District is near many historical areas. For more information about the crime rating, click here.