A guide to the Old Cloverdale neightborhood in Montgomery Al

The Old Cloverdale neighborhood includes part of the Garden District, Alabama State University, and extends, at its southwest corner, to the Faircourt Shopping Center. From there it moves east until it reaches the Norman Bridge Road where it goes south. At East Edgemont Avenue (which turns into Glen Grattan Drive) the border is defined to the east where it ends at Narrow Land Road, where it turns and travels north. Taking a sharp right on Carter Hill Road, the border changes again until it reaches Bullard Street. Bullard Street and Bryan Street make up the north side of the east border.

Once it reaches Interstate 85 the border becomes a slant in a northwest direction until it comes to Highland Avenue. From heading west on Highland avenue until South Jackson Street (where the border heads north), Monroe Street is the most northern border in the Old Cloverdale neighborhood. At North Decatur Street the border stair steps to the southwest until it reaches South Court Street. It turns slightly east and then goes south again on South Perry Street. It then heads west again on Semple Street and Early Street. Once it reaches Goode Street it travels south to East Fairview Avenue and then east along Arlington Road where it reaches the Norman Bridge Road once more. For more detailed location information, click here.

Though this is a large area, it covers many new neighborhoods that have been developed since then, such as Edgewood, Cloverdale/Idlewild, Centennial Hill, and the Garden District. Because this is such a huge neighborhood it encompasses many parks, universities and colleges, among other attractions and points of interest.

On the north end of the neighborhood is the Civil Rights Memorial, Alabama State Capitol, Centennial Hill neighborhood (currently under renovation), and Oak Park (also under renovation). The Jackson Hospital and Clinic is also located in this area. Near the center is the Garden District neighborhood and the Alabama State University, along with Hornet Stadium. On the southern part is Taylor Field, Capri Community Film Society, and Huntingdon College.

There are many more places of interest outside the borders of the Old Cloverdale neighborhood. To the north is Bruce park and Paterson Field, Oakwood Cemetery, and the Capital Parkway Shopping Center. To the east is Lincoln and Remount Park cemeteries, Westminster Shopping Center, Montgomery Academy, and the Montgomery Country Club. Bellingrath park, Cloverland Shopping Center, the Standard Country Club, and the Normandale Shopping Center are all to the south. On the east side is the Faircourt and Fairview Plaza shopping centers, along with Washington Park, Westcott Cemetery, and Western Hills and Duffly parks, as well.

Because the area of the neighborhood is so large, at over 2.3 square miles, the income levels are extremely varied from just over $8,500 per year to over $57,000 per year. There are almost 7,500 residents living in the Old Cloverdale neighborhood. Housing prices vary as much as the incomes do. Some areas offer free housing through government programs while others are as much as almost $500,000. The extreme majority of people living in this area are college-aged students. There are children, older adults, middle-aged and elderly people, but the majority are those in college in their early 20s. African-Americans dominate this neighborhood, but Caucasians and at least one other ethnic group take up residency here as well. The median income here is far below Montgomery median incomes of $40,568 per year. The median income per year for those residing in the Old Cloverdale neighborhood is just over $19,000 per year. For more detailed demographic information, click here.

The crime rating for Montgomery is 5 out of a possible 100, where 100 is the best possible score. The Old Cloverdale neighborhood is so huge of an area that crime varies extremely depending on the neighborhood within this neighborhood. The closer you live to downtown Montgomery (Centennial Hill, Cottage Hill) the worse the crime gets. The more outlying areas of the Old Cloverdale neighborhood have somewhat to severely less crime. For more information regarding the crime rate, click here.