A guide to the neighborhood of Hillwood in Montgomery Al

The Hillwood neighborhood is also known as the Hillwood Club. It has a northern border of Interstate 85, an eastern border of Croom Drive, and a southern border of Vaughn Road. The western border is somewhat hard to define, but from the intersection of Carter Hill Road to Vaughn Road it travels in a northwest direction to Robison Hill Road which turns into Ann Street. The border reaches its original starting point again at Interstate 85, which is the nearest freeway. For more detailed location information, click here.

Outside the neighborhood are many points of interest. To the north is the East Brook Shopping Center, Forest Hills Shopping Center, Dalraida Shopping Center, King Hill and Yancey parks, Goodwyn Junior High School, Greenwood Cemetery, Bruce Park and the Jackson Hospital and Clinic. The Perry Hill Shopping Center is on the northeast corner just outside of the Hillwood neighborhood. Vaughn Road Park and Promenade Montgomery are both to the east of the neighborhood. On the south end is the Westminster Shopping Center, Montgomery Country Club, Standard Country Club, Jefferson Davis High School, Gay Meadows Shopping Center, Baptist Medical Center South, and the Montgomery Mall and Lecroy shopping centers. Finally, to the east is Alabama State University, Taylor Field, Hornet Stadium, Faircourt Shopping Center, and Huntingdon College.

This is a fairly affluent neighborhood with incomes between $46,000 and $62,000 per year. However, the neighborhood is relatively small at just over .6 of a square mile with 1,460 residents. While some lower priced homes do exist in Hillwood, many are over the $100,000 mark, with the highest value between $400,000 and $500,000. This is a family neighborhood with many young and older children, college age adults and older adults, including middle-aged and elderly. Though there are mostly Caucasian residents here, African-Americans and at least three other races also take residence in Hillwood. Income levels are over $13,000 more per year than the median Montgomery income of $40,500. For more detailed demographic information, click here.

The city of Montgomery has a crime rating of 5 out of a possible 100, where 100 is the best possible score. Hillwood has the lowest crime in Montgomery, along with other more outlying neighborhoods. This is a terrific place for families and the elderly, as well as college students. It is safe and still within a reasonable distance from downtown, local colleges and universities, shopping centers, and historical monuments. For more information about the crime rating, click here.