A guide to the Capitol Heights neighborhood in Montgomery Al

The boundaries for the Capitol Heights neighborhood in Montgomery, Alabama are strangely drawn. The northern end includes Yancey Park and parts of King Hill Park. It runs almost directly east from King Hill Park just over Coliseum Boulevard. The eastern border heads south to the Forest Hills Shopping Center, then slopes occasionally southwest just west of Willow Lane Drive, non inclusive of Greenwood Cemetery, until finally reaching Interstate 85 which is the southern border of the Capitol Heights neighborhood. The western border begins roughly at the west end of Bay street and runs almost a straight diagonal in the northwest direction hitting the Thompson Supply, a point just west of Bruce Park, a point just east of Alabama State University, and turning north east at Upper Wetumpka Road. It follows Upper Wetumpka road, taking the first left onto Glenmore Road, left on Lyndie Road and then slopes around on West Shawnee Drive, Glenmore Road to Capitol Parkway Court, up around Vann and Stoke Streets, north on Murray Street, finishing the northern border with Fourney, Taylor, and Pineview Streets. For more detailed location information, click here.

The Capitol Heights neighborhood includes Yancey Park, Paterson Field, and Bruce Park. King Hill Park is nestled in a northern corner just outside the borders. Other areas of interest to the north include the East Brook Shopping Center, Bonnie Crest Country Club, Montgomery East Exchange Park, the Park Plaza Shopping Center, and Highland Gardens Park.

Residents traveling east outside of the neighborhood will find the Greenwood Cemetery, Forest Hills Shopping Center, Dailaida Shopping Center, Goodwyn Junior High School, Dalraida Park, Perry Hill Shopping Center, Eastmont Plaza Shopping Center, and Faulkner University. The Country Club Shopping Center, Montgomery Country Club, Westminster Shopping Center, Jefferson Davis High School, Gay Meadows Shopping Center, the Standard Country Club, Taylor Field, and Huntingdon College are all to the south of the Capitol Heights Neighborhood. Finally, to the east if the Jackson Hospital and Clinic, the Civil Rights Memorial, Oakwood Cemetery, Court Square Plaza Shopping Center, and Riverfront Park.

A moderately-sized neighborhood at just over 1.8 square miles with just over 6,400 residents, income levels are low, but vary somewhat. At the low end a resident may make just over $15,000 per year, and at the high end a resident may pull in just under $45,000 per year. Housing costs differ, but are around the $75,000 mark. The majority of people living in this neighborhood are young to older adults and children. Middle-aged and elderly residents are scant.

Most people who live in Capitol Heights are Caucasian, though Hispanic, Africa-American, and at least three other races of people live in this area, as well. When compared with the Montgomery median income of just over $45,000 per year, residents in the Capitol Heights neighborhood have a median of just under $29,000 per year, which would be considered very low. For more detailed demographic information, click here.

The city of Montgomery, Alabama has a crime rating of 5 out of a possible 100, where 100 is the best possible score. The neighborhood of Capitol Heights has a somewhat less occurrence of crime, but is still low on the rating scale. Though the housing is cheaper than in safer neighborhoods, if possible try to find a safer neighborhood, especially if you are a family with children. The south part and west part of the neighborhood has more crime, while the north and east tend to have less crime. More outlying neighborhoods have much less crime. For more information about the crime rating, click here.